View Full Version : some show results....in NZ!

24-03-00, 04:51 AM
NZ recently held their Horse of the Year, with a few Aussie imports taking honors. champion small pony was Mirinda Harlequin, and Reserve HOY.
Newington Artiste(carol Lindeman's old pony) came 3rd. And not sure if anyone remembers Versace,(possibly a W.A horse?) but he won led HOY.

24-03-00, 08:42 AM
I was told Miranda Harlequin was coming back to Australia for the Nationals and Sydney Royal???

24-03-00, 08:58 AM
News travels fast! yes he'll be back for Sydney, Adelaide,Melbourne and possibly brisbane. Nationals could depend on qualification. He arrives next week

24-03-00, 11:46 AM
Are they going to bring him back each time ?? I persume yes; As these are so spaced apart. Anyway that pony will be flying around the place more than me!!!! I imagine that a few wont be happy as just when they thought they had a hold on the small pony titles.

24-03-00, 12:25 PM
No heres staying for 6 months. He is a nice pony, but there are alot of nice ponies out there!