View Full Version : check out this site!! :o)

24-03-00, 07:34 AM
Has any read saddler sam? Bloody funny :o take a look http://www.equineoz.com.au/sam.htm i have never laughed so much. but i must say he has a sick sense of humour.

24-03-00, 08:17 AM
I've never read anything so funny... *grins* IT's a Great site.. *smiles*

snow pea
24-03-00, 08:33 AM

Jan Heine
24-03-00, 10:29 AM
Sam The Saddler - what the hell is that - aside from making me laugh extremely hard?! Definitely worth a visit!

Bugarawl Show also an excellent site for laughter when feeling down.

I recommend both of these sites to Black Beauty as part of her cure for Glandular fever!