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13-04-04, 06:03 AM
When is a horse no longer classified as green, or is it just a matter of 'gutfeel' (i.e. unquantifiable)?

Don't know whether this one has been asked before - but I thought it would create some debate.

(Don't ask where this one came from, I am just bored and looking at classifieds when I should be doing something more important :-o

14-04-04, 10:01 AM
Hard to say. If you're looking for a dressage champion And the horse can't respond to say any lateral work, I'd say it was green. But if it was to be a riding school pony and it went forward with a kick and stopped with a pull on the reins then it wasn't green. By the way, if it's not green is it brown?! Sorry but thought i'd have a joke, bad one I know! Personally I'd say something was green if it didn't feel very comfortable with my aids and I couldn't say ride it down the street with confidence. I'm sure others would have a much better definition but thought I'd give it a go.

15-04-04, 03:52 AM
Interesting question, Eddy.

At the moment, my TB is "green". Apparently he has done ODE's and PC, but not ridden for 6 months. He's very stiff on one side, transitions are a bit messy, tends to disunite at the canter on his stiff side, has beautiful head carriage at the walk and trot with light hands, but overbends at the canter (typical ex-racehorse head position).

When I can ask him to flex nicely at the canter, when he is supple on both sides, and when his transitions are cleaner then I believe he will be not so green. That's not even starting laterals though.

However I can trust him to ride out on the roads by himself or in company, I can take him to shows and ride him in a halter, he'll willingly and very happily jump natural obstacles up to about 2'6", although I'm not going to overface him as he is intended as my future eventer.

So, I guess it is a very subjective topic. My definition of green is a horse that's not really listening to the aids well, and that isn't supple and flexible. Once they do start listening and flexing correctly, they're so much more pliable and easier to teach.

15-04-04, 08:18 AM
I agree that it is subjective to personal opinion.... and there really isnt a better answer that i can provide for you...

Its really how you feel the horse is going, and your own opinion of what a green horse is....