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10-06-04, 03:58 AM
Well no one has said anything about it so I thought I would put up a post asking what people thought of the horses they had for sale? I thought they were stunning, all so well turned out and from what I could tell impeccably behaved! Axel is so good with the young ones. Capone was breathtaking! I would have liked to see a bit more from him thought, Rebecca rode him beautifully but only for a few minutes. I thought some of the weanlings went for bargain prices and hopefully next year I will get my own Belcam baby. Well done to everyone at Belcam, once again you produced a very professional auction and your horses were all stunning and so pretty! Lot 2 - Charmed was my pick of the lot and I am sure we will see big things from her in the future. I also loved the weanling colt, Centrum - he was a stunner and sold for a fantastic price. Also, last year at the auction, they paraded a young chestnut Capone colt as they were hoping he would be a top stallion for them. There has been no word on how he is coming along and it would be good to hear something about him as he was lovely.

10-06-04, 04:04 AM
Treehaven bought that colt from last year. He has been broken in and have not heard anymore - I guess he is spelling.
I didn't go to the auction, but it's good to see top prices:

Lot 1 Albata $ 8,000.00
Lot 2 Charmed $ 21,000.00
Lot 3 Classiker $ 22,000.00
Lot 4 Cameo $ 8,000.00
Lot 5 Centrum $ 7,500.00 PI
Lot 6 Caponelle $ 18,500.00
Lot 7 Celtic $ 17,000.00
Lot 8 Cardin $ 11,000.00
Lot 9 Crispin $ 8,000.00
Lot 10 Chiquita $ 11,500.00
Lot 11 Centucky $ 18,000.00
Lot 12 Chital $ 11,500.00
Lot 13 Calita $ 19,000.00
Lot 14 Cheree $ 7,000.00
Lot 15 Caspian $ 11,000.00
Lot 16 Chivon $ 12,000.00
Lot 17 Codak $ 10,000.00
Lot 18 Cadio $ 13,250.00
Lot 19 Capstan $ 6,500.00
Lot 20 Cyprian $ 9,500.00
Lot 21 Chanita $ 5,500.00

10-06-04, 04:10 AM
So, that's where he has gone...I thought they weren't going to part with him but I guess they decided to sell him. He was pretty spectacular. I thought the prices were pretty good too, the yearlings and two year old prices were up there but the prices of the weanlings was very reasonable. As both Peter and Belinda kept saying - they are an investment. They must be happy with the way the auction went and I look forward to seeing Bernie's report.

10-06-04, 05:00 AM
It was a fantastic day! Lovely weather and such a stunning property filled with quality youngsters! They did bring in some great prices and also some very realistic prices for the weanlings which certainly couldn't be faulted.
It is a credit to Belinda & Axel and all the staff for the presentation and efforts on the day, not to mention the many months prior preparing those AWESOME babies!!! And Capone is MAGIC!!!!

10-06-04, 06:37 AM
Looking forward to seeing Capone out and about soon. His progeny will be out and about soon - quite a few have been broken in.
I heard that David Middleton bought the first 3 horses and I appartently he bought some more later on as well.

Belcam Int
10-06-04, 04:03 PM
Hi Everyone,
The auction was a great success and the day went so well. No music hitches (as happened last year!)and all babies performed so well. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come down for the day and especially to those who bought youngsters. Congratulations! May we wish you every success for the future.
The colt you mentioned TG is Al Capone. As our new stable block is not yet completed, sadly we had no room to have him in and prepared for showing for this auction. The stable block should be completed within the next few months which will mean that for all following auctions that we will be able to prepare the youngsters much earlier than we are currently able to. Al Capone is the full brother to Lot 3 Classiker and they are so similar in type and movement. Classiker sold to David Middleton for which we are thrilled about as he will be campaigned to the best of his abilities with him. We cannot wait to see how he performs.
The colt kt mentioned was Chirac, the Capone colt from our imported Davignon mare. He is in work with Treehaven, his new owners Annie & Laurie Lever, and going beautifully. He will be campaigned in both Dressage & Jumping which is super to hear.

Thanks so much again everyone as it is with your support that we had such a wonderful day. It was even sunny!!


11-06-04, 01:22 PM
I have done a 5 page comprehensive report on every horse at the sale plus more interesting information. It was such a pleasure to see this outstanding collection of well raised and well handled youngsters.

Well done Belinda and Axel your should be very pleased and proud.


Belcam Int
11-06-04, 06:46 PM
Many thanks Berni for taking the time to come and see the horses and the auction itself. Thank you also for a wonderful article which is so well detailed. The pics are amazing and will be great to look back upon in years to come when hopefully these babies are all out and competing for their new owners.

Thanks again everyone for their incredible support and a special thanks to Cyberhorse for being a site that has done an amazing job in advertising our youngsters! It is certainly a top horse-site with the results to match!

Belinda & Axel

12-06-04, 04:07 AM
Glad to hear you still have Al Capone, I look forward to seeing him in the future. Just looked at Bernie's report and realised I commented on Centrum in my original post - I meant Capstan! Centrum was sensational though (and so quiet when everyone was milling about him outside) and I am sure Belcam will have no troubles selling him. Once again congrats on a fab day - can't wait til next year when I will hopefully be among the luck purchasers!