View Full Version : AAAGH! Homemade float dramas!

26-06-04, 01:27 PM
In preparation for my first outing i borrowed a float last weekend (not blessed with my own yet),I towed it around out on the road to see how well it towed, and for a home made float it felt good. I was concerned though as the axles were spaced further apart than what i had ever seen on a tandem axle float and i wanted to make sure it would steer ok. (if you look, normally the front and back tires are only a few cm's from each other, this particular float the tires were at least 30cm apart)(can someone measure that distance on a factory float and post back?)Anyway i loaded my big heavy horse onto the high side and left on my journey. All was well until i rounded a very slight left hand bend and the float started jumping all over the road. I looked in the rear view mirror to see horse almost falling over, and trying to regain balance. Right hand corners were fine but left handers, no matter how slow i went, rocked all over the road. I got to my destination and when it came time to go home i rang my partner and asked him to come tow the float home as i wasn't comfortable about the float. He drove it home and the same thing happened to him on the left hand corners. As soon as we reached home he told me to watch the float as he drove it around a left hand corner at a crawl.. and what-do-ya-know the two wheels on the left side were leaving the road. Is this a result of a float not wide enough? I don't know how it tows with two horses inside but i don't want to buy a float of my own if i can't tow 1 big horse out and about. I have borrowed the float again today ...BUT NEVER AGAIN FOR HORSE TRANSPORT!! I want to practise loading my young colt. What do others think on this subject?

26-06-04, 01:43 PM
I wouldn't touch it!!! never heard of a float doing that, there is obviously something very wrong with the balancing. maybe its not heavy enough at the bottom. Whats to say it won't actually go over if your horse leant the wrong way when you were doing a left turn!!


26-06-04, 02:03 PM
Exactly, that's why i'll never tow with it again. It tipped up going at a snails pace, imagine what it was doing out on the road and a faster speed. It has been made with only 1"X1" box steel around the frame so i can only imagine the type of steel through out the floor. I will have to get horse loading and unloading again so the experience of it hasn't spooked him.


26-06-04, 02:38 PM
Sounds very scary. I would probably not even borrow that trailer again to move hay in.

It would not be too worried about the distance between the wheels. I am not going to go measure it, but a normal float has a gap of only a little over 10cm. A wider gap might make the float hard to back into a tight parking place, but I would be surprised if you could tell the difference at road speed.

I guess there could be anything wrong with the design if it is home made, but for a long distance guess, I would guess it has far too soft suspension. The builder might have reused inappropriate or worn out springs from an old car.