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31-07-04, 12:00 PM
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has tried bowen with their horse, and if so, how did it go? Actually, any info. on bowen would be good, as we are trying it out with our 15.1hh TB and I don't really get how it all works.... Any info. would be great, thanks in advance,

31-07-04, 01:22 PM
Hi Sarah.

Yes, I have had my horse treated by a Bowen Therapist a few times and have actually seen some remarkable changes.

My understanding of how it works is the therapist does a 'move' on the patient (be it horse, dog, human, whatever) and this sends a signal to the brain (hoping they have one....lol) and the body then starts to heal itself. There are quite a few 'moves' that can be done, from memory I think my horse usually has about 15-20 done on him. My therapist tells me that it is important not to touch the horse in any way while the 'moves' are being performed to get the full effect and after each move, she stands back and leaves the horse alone for 5 minutes for the messages to be sent to the brain and back to the area she has just worked on.

The therapy is non-invasive like many others and is one of the few that can be used during competitions.

I know it all sounds airy fairy and I have to say I am the biggest sceptic of a lot of different therapies out there. I was amazed at how much softer my horse was to ride after he had his first treatment (after the 3 day no riding period of an initial treatment). Also, normally when I let him go in the paddock he will canter off and kick his heels in the air. After a treatment and until he needs another, he doesn't do this. He's also a normally very flighty TB and while not a lunatic when tied in the stable block, he's certainly very alert. While he is having his treatment he almost goes to sleep.

The woman I use was in the process of learning Bowen and becoming accredited when she started working on my horse and is now fully accredited. I can certainly recommend it.

I hope this helps.



01-08-04, 02:11 AM
I had bowen done on my Tb mare a couple of years ago and found it really good. Quite amazing the lightest of touches and the mare's muscles were twitching and spasming (she had some pretty major issues!). My mare was also extremely laid back, she had previously been seen by a vet and had completely lost the plot when he put pressure on her wither, but after only one treatment she stood very calm and stretched as she was worked on around this area with bowen.
Very interesting, keep us posted on how it goes with your boy.

10-08-04, 07:50 AM
Hi guys,
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply... Have been flat out... Ummmm.... Thanks for your input. I must agree that at first i thought it was all a bit 'airy-fairy', but decided we'd give it a go. Glad we did! We have now had two treatments, and Nate is looking much happier. He seems alot happier in himself and is working abit better. The first ride after the first treatment was great, we went for a nice, relaxing walk and a little trot down the road and... we made it the whole way home without shying, leaping in the air, jumping in any ditches or onto the road! :7 (Proud as punch!!) Shame to say it only lasted for a week or so... Must've been a fluke, however, I would like to dream that good behaviour will one day become an everyday occurance!
Anyway, we will just see how the 'helaing process' goes, as he certainly feels lighter underneath to ride. Hard to explain, but it doesn't feel so much like I am trying to push ##### up-hill! Anyway, I will keep you posted and pray that all turns out well. Thanks again,

11-08-04, 06:56 AM
Hi guys, could anyone recommend someone who could visit the Hawkesbury area near Ebenezer? I'd also be interested in recommendations for people who do muscle release therapy on horses.