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21-12-00, 10:19 AM
If you love ponies go and have a look at Panache at www.junior-riders.com/ He is in the market place section and it's just the cutest picture. What a pocket rocket! Wouldn't you have loved something like him when you were small. Mind you I'd take him now. Oh Santa........

21-12-00, 02:32 PM
and what a pony! One of the benefits of being a small,light adult is being able to ride the smaller ones :-)

One like him would be ideal! sigh..........

21-12-00, 10:57 PM
He's adorable..and we could sure use some lessons in writing our "horse for sale" ads from these people..."His very friendly head and honest-looking eyes are proudly and attentively placed on a beautifully curved neck. The good, deep shoulders, his strong loins followed by a sturdy and well-formed hindquarters give him a fabulous upper line. This is
all carried by correctly placed legs and well developed joints." Woo Hoo!! I'd buy him!!!:) lol.

22-12-00, 03:34 AM
Yeah I discovered this site a few months ago - aren't the ponies absolutely wonderful. I'd take any of them home (if only I hade the money). Have a look at Top Yellow (his another one that was/is for sale).

22-12-00, 10:21 AM
I read on an another site that Top Yellow is in the final stages of being sold to the USA but Panache is still availabe for $26,000 - (i guess thats american dollars).

22-12-00, 10:57 AM
thanks so much for putting up this post.. i never knew ponies could move!! wow.. that top yellow could sit in my stable anytime..
WOW .. and i am only 5'3 so could ride it too!! hehe
thanks again.. you live and learn..

22-12-00, 11:02 AM
yeah, I'm 5ft 2" Perhaps a syndicate - lets see I've got $20.00 :-)

23-12-00, 05:23 AM
just wondering, is pony grand prix the same movements as normal grand prix?

Fiona in Tassie
23-12-00, 05:33 AM
Oh WOW, I never knew ponies could be like this!

Mind you, wouldn't Top Yellow be a galloway over here?

Even so...