View Full Version : Hey everyone, I'm a grandmother today!!!!!!!!!!!!

25-03-00, 11:15 AM
Our little Jack Russell just gave birth to two beautiful healthy babies,black as th ace of spades,except two white tips on the males hind feet.One boy and one girl.

Black Beauty
25-03-00, 12:08 PM
Oh congratulations granny!! but only 2 what's the deal there?? Im sure she could have sqeezed a few more in there (lol).
Well my darling ( silly Siberian Husky)has proved to be a dud in the grand kid department(and didnt she get a talking too!!) oh well there goes $1000 per puppy!!!
So what are you calling them???


25-03-00, 02:19 PM
please feel free to give suggestions.her first litter she had 8,secon 6 and now 2 no wonder I was looking for the rest!

Jan Heine
25-03-00, 03:00 PM
Seeing as you only had two when you were expecting 6-8 what about calling one "short" and the other "changed"! LOL

Congratulations - now what'll it be Stroudy - cigars or champers or both?

25-03-00, 03:33 PM
Champers??? did anyone say champers????

26-03-00, 07:23 AM
brilliant sense of humour,I love it!!

Aunty Ma
26-03-00, 12:29 PM
They are wonderful dogs, are they not. First got one as a wedding present 24 yrs ago. I have never seen a black one as you discribed tho!! We love the short stocky ones. Enjoy them.

26-03-00, 02:15 PM
I have had 2 litters in the last 2 months (well, the dogs did anyway!)and now have 4 male puppies available for sale. They are pure bred (mothers are tan and white smooth coats and dad is a tan and white broken coat). All have fabulous tempraments, good with kids (not at all snappy as some terriers can be) other dogs and horses! They are wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped. Anyone interested can email me. Sorry Bill...didn't think I should put them in the Virtual Saleyard!!!

26-03-00, 02:26 PM
I DON'T dock them either!!!They all have their very own long tails!!! :-)

26-03-00, 04:14 PM
we don't dock either!!

Jan Heine
26-03-00, 04:45 PM
Might have been done to death but what about

Jackie (girl) and Russell (boy)

Come on you witty people - where are all the suggestions - Stroudy's puppies can't go through life being called "puppy, puppy, puppy"!

Funny thing this tail docking - my sister breeds Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs - they are actually born with no tails - people are always asking if they are docked - but nope they are born that way!

26-03-00, 04:48 PM
Had a lady ring for one the other day, wouldn't buy one unless it was docked. Well she wasn't getting one of my pups! Hopefully the practice will die out. They have such cute little tails, why would anyone want to cut them off? Barbaric isn't it?!

Black Beauty
27-03-00, 02:06 AM
Hmmmm names?? well what about tipsy (for the white tips) I am into naming dogs with a name from the country their breed originated from or were they have have a strong background, so Im into russian/canadian/alaskan names like czarina czar,aurora, kodiak etc as I have a siberian husky and plan on getting more in the future.
So maybe you could think of names from your dogs home country ???


27-03-00, 06:05 AM
Great idea, BB!! Congratulations to the new grandma too!!

Perhaps you could call them Liverpuddle, Blackpuddle, Swanpuddle.... is there a Swanpuddle?? .... Sally????

And it's so nice that you guys don't dock. Never seen a Jack Russell with a tail, but Rottees with tails look gorgeous. They NEED something to wag, instead of having to wag themselves.

27-03-00, 06:08 AM
I should have had my glasses on they are actually both girls,I have named one Mia in memory of my black Lab that was stolen last Easter,we still need a name for the other little girl.We are keeping both seeing that these are the last pups she will have and she is not getting any younger.

27-03-00, 07:43 AM
Congratulations Stroudy.

How about Mumma and Mia, or Mia and Farrow, or perhaps even Mia and Youa?



27-03-00, 08:05 AM
I might have guessed!! LOL. Don't think there's a Swanpuddle Roseamry, there's a Tolpuddle tho'. I wanted to name mine after South Park characters: Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny...but my kids wouldn't let me!!

27-03-00, 01:08 PM
I do like mia and farrow

27-03-00, 02:26 PM
Well mine went out the window when you found out they were both girls. I was going to suggest Kurt - as in Russell - and Goldie for the girl - well he and Goldie Hawn do live together.
My terrier has his tail and is most proud of it. The litter we had before we left the farm - all retained their tails. Boy are they fast with a tail and can turn on a 5c piece.

28-03-00, 03:40 AM
..puppies..now that's something I CAN get clucky about..
hope mum and kids are well...

28-03-00, 02:26 PM
Great news on the grandkids! I have four dogs and only two tails, the weimeraner has a few inches, and the rotty has a stump. Id love for them to have tails! Maybe they should do strap-a-tail-to-me's?? Docking is such a dumb idea!

29-03-00, 05:21 AM
I used to have a black and tan Jack Russell boy - and he was the BEST dog ever. I'm from the UK originally, and the breeders there used to put down the blackies because they were no good for hunting (lack of visibility apparently).

I believe it's a recessive gene in the breed, and it's a lovely coloring - we got ours from an animal shelter as a pup. He lived to about 15 and used to come riding with me, running about 10 km each time and rolling in every piece of horse manure he could find. We used to hose him in the yard, much to his disgust!

Good luck with your loveley girls - one more name suggestion - how about Whitney? Black and beautiful??? :-))


29-03-00, 12:23 PM
Thanks everyone,mum and her girls are doing fine,much to my disgust my son wants to call the other pup Zapper!!!Why?I asked ,because she is going to Zap everywhere Mum!!!!Boys what can you do?