View Full Version : Meeting for Stallion Owners.

26-03-00, 01:59 AM
Because of the debate on stallions at events, and the incidents in the last six months regarding stallions, the EFA Victorian branch is ocnducting a meeting for stallion owners to discuss procedures for safety.
The meeting will be at the EFA board Room offices on Thursday April 6 at seven pm.
All stallion owners SHOULD attend, and if they would please contact as many others to attend it will be in their interests, as those who don't will have to wear the rules and regulations set up by those who do

pony person
26-03-00, 02:23 PM
Excuse my ignorance,,,but what incidents in the last six months?

26-03-00, 03:03 PM
I might be considerably thick here but is the Board Room at the EFA offices at Werribee or are we talking about some other location?
Thanks heaps.

PS. Have the EFA notified every owner/rider of registered EFA performance stallions?

27-03-00, 12:08 AM
Yes it's at Werribee and no they haven't notified all official owners - it will be publicised in the WT - and of course word of mouth is quicker than any publication.
It's not only the PERFORMANCE stallions - a lot of the show saddle stallions are not registered because there is no need, nor pony stallions..
Publicising it is the best way.