View Full Version : help! - vet in newcastle area

agent smith
12-11-04, 10:34 AM
can anyone recommend an equine vet in the newcastle/raymond terrace area? all help very much appreciated :)

12-11-04, 10:54 AM
What for? I usually use Peter Tabac, but thats primarily for AI work though he has done insurance exams etc for me as well. Just AI is his speciality.

I think it is Maitland Veternary Hopsital.

(For general stuff I use my local vet as I'm not quite in the Maitland/RT area, but the mares go down there to be frozen AI'd)

12-11-04, 11:14 AM
Yes, what did you need a vet for?

If you are willing to travel, I cannot recommend Agnes Banks Equine Clinic and Randwick Equine Center highly enough. Randwick treats the racehorses at Randwick Racecourse and they have extremely high standards - in particular Greg Nash, who also treats Ellerston polo horses on a regular basis too.

agent smith
12-11-04, 12:59 PM
sorry - should have specified - i need to have a potential purchase vet checked - maybe with x-rays. i would prefer to use a specialist equine vet if possible...

12-11-04, 04:56 PM
Peter Tabac is exellent ( if u can get him, he is hard to get hold of at this time of year as he mostly does the baby thing), he is very thorough. He is at Maitland Vet Hospital.

13-11-04, 01:10 AM
Martin Strong from Heatherbrae would be the best choice. He is not a specialist equine vet however he and his wife have horses and when time permits they are eventers.
Motto Farm Vet Hosp 4987 5087.

14-11-04, 03:39 PM
peter himself is very good,but stay away from maitland vets though....thats all ill say about them ( keeping it nice )

i now use noahs ark vets, ilona there is very good....if its possible to travel the horse though ive heard nothing but the best things about the randwick one, an above poster said about(does the race horses etc)