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28-12-00, 03:23 AM
- If these are the things that judges judge on today then what onearth has our showring came to
then just alot of people bitching about who gets what !!!!! This is just my opinion, I respect yours so please reply and tell what you think

Also I would like to congradulate Cynthia Parker
on her engagement

28-12-00, 03:38 AM
ITs hard to say it but this is so true in most cases.I judge whats in front of me on the day not by a face or little things like you mentioned

28-12-00, 06:08 AM
I thought the judges judged the horses. How would they know if the horses were st8 or Gay? Suppose its easy to tell if they are purple.

Jan Heine
28-12-00, 08:47 AM
Now please do NOT take offence at this but perhaps I should put my two "lads" in the show ring - because at the moment they seem to both have fallen in deepest love with a very ancient gelding who lives on the next door property. Have tried explaining to them both that it is a "boy" and not a girl but they both tell me it is true love and they stand at their fencelines gazing lovingly at him.
Oh dear what do I do? *grin and chuckle*

28-12-00, 09:28 AM
Modleboy This is smalltime stuff.If for instance you had a horse like Gilt Edge, Trent Nathen,Erta,
Cards or Neon,l see them win the major shows all the time. They qualify easily because they are the best.lts easy to look for excuses and blame stupid things. If judges do the things you suggest
they quickly get a bad reputation for it.
You are being watched the whole time,both as a judge and as a compeditor.

28-12-00, 10:57 AM
Just dont go there with the whole showing thing