View Full Version : Lumps

02-01-01, 08:29 AM
Our pony has developed some hard lumps, one on the belly and two on the sides. The one on her belly is quite big and hard to the touch and was initially tender. They have only just come up over the past few days. A horsey friend has looked at them and said that she may have been kicked but this is unlikely. She has never been allergic to anything and her feed, surrounds, etc. have not changed. Do I call in the vet or give it a few days to see if it will clear up by itself? She still has a good appetite and is otherwise not fussed.

02-01-01, 08:54 AM
hope it's not what our horse had! he got hard lumps in the groin, belly and his neck got cresty and scaly. it was some sort of rare cancer of the fat. we spent a heap of money on him for nothing, except causing the horse unnecessary suffering. get an accurate diagnosis from a good vet! good luck.