View Full Version : Need Tips on Leasing A Horse - Moneysavers!!!???!!!

28-03-00, 01:13 AM
Hello all. I am a teenager who has been riding for over 5 years now. I recently switched from hunt seat to dressage, and am thinking about joining pony club and trying eventing. To do so, I am planning to lease a horse this summer. I already have some horses in mind that my trainer has found, but I am on a semi-tight budget. Any tips you can supply about how to save money in *any* way, no matter how small, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks so much in advance!

28-03-00, 02:29 PM
Its not really a money saver, but a tear saver, and I have learned from experience! Get the term of the lease agreed and written down, as well as he terms under which the owner can re-possess the horse. We didnt and we lost our lovely boy who was happy and now lives back in the owner's (who decided to sell him for 3 times his value)paddock doing nothing.

30-03-00, 04:43 AM
Hi, Staci. I can't help much, but two years ago I was in the same boat, only I was buying, and there was nothing 'semi' about my strict budget!
Try and find adgistment close to the pony club, so that you can ride to it. You'll save a bit on petrol and travelling costs, not to mention time.
I found a horse who is an exceptional 'doer' and saves me a fortune in feed every year. Don't be fooled into thinking that good doers always come in the shape of chunky little natives, they don't, and I've got the hot-blood to prove it!
But - you probably knew that stuff already. I hope you have great fun with your soon-to-be horse, so good luck!