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13-05-05, 11:29 AM
Has anyone ever had an RSPCA inspector around to follow up a complaint about the condition of your horses!. Today we had one come around as our lovely neighbour (whom we are having issues with) put in a complaint that we had 5 horse in one small paddock that looked very malnourised. The inspector took one look and said our horses looked in lovely condition and said he thought we had trouble maker neighbours. I wouldnt mind but our neighbours have a poultry processing plant and often poultry is left overnight without water in tiny transport cages (in 40 degree heat). Once when we heard a few days later that most had died we rang the RSPCA to complain only to be told that its too late and its all legal anyway. Sorry to ramble on but its very upsetting when horses that I love and keep in show condition are checked up in this way.

13-05-05, 12:09 PM

Sounds like a nasty neighbour indeed, but I guess you could try and look on the bright side that at least the RSPCA were doing their job, it would be annoying to know that if you reported a genuine case that they didn't follow up. Just a shame that people are wasting their time and pissing off genuine animal lovers!


13-05-05, 02:25 PM
hey Ritchie...

the same thing happened to me... the people up the road sent the RSPCA round on a complaint that my horses had no shelter. The inspector took one look around at the stables and trees.. and said he would ignore any future calls about us.

Makes you wonder that people don't have better things to do than make trouble. Though the guy who made the call got some in return in the end - his wife ran away with the milkman a few months later. I kid you not..

14-05-05, 01:27 AM
I know a lady who ran a small stud in hilly country and the local councillor running for mayor was very anti-horse. There were not many horses in the area due to the steepness and he basically wanted them banned from the area (saying they did too much damage, etc...cattle seemed to be okay though...even though all the horses were stabled in the bad weather. During his campaign, suddenly the RSPCA started getting sent out quite regularly to the point where they were starting to get pissed off (they are legally obliged to follow up every call)...it was obviously planned as the complaints were always from different people, about different horses and different things. All unsubstantiated of course, but just to cause trouble. The prick ended up as mayor, and he and my friend ended up having to negotiate and she had to half her horse numbers and was given ridiculous conditions to abide by (no more than 2 horses in the paddocks at any time, meaning the rest were in stables).

I was once "aquainted" with a fruit loop who "rescued" horses from bad homes, ie bought them cheap, fed them up and planned to sell them, but never did, etc. From what I hear, none of them were ever that bad to begin with. At the time, I had a 10yr old 17.1 TB who had been training elem/med and had gone out to spell. He was one of those horses that looks awful in paddock condition, but stunning in work. He was not skinny, or even light! He just looked like an old broodmare. He was out with other horses next to the road, being fed every day. Well, these people approached me wanting to buy the horse. I told them his details, what level he was working at, etc and said I was asking $2000 for him, neg. as he was not in work (a reasonable price I thought). Didn't hear from them again. Heard some time later that they were concerned about a big chestnut TB on my road (I'm the only one with horses on that rd!) who was being terribly neglected and they felt helpless as they couldn't "save" him due to the owner asking a ridiculous price! The person who told me didn't realise it was my horse and when he found out, he just laughed. They were agisting on his property and I think he kicked them off not long after.

I remember an RSPCA friend telling me about a job where she had to find a dead horse for evidence against the owner (he had shot it to avoid being caught/charged for negligence). The guy dug about 20 "holes" in the paddock so my friend had to dig up each one trying to find the horse. I can't remember if she did or not, but it ended with him driving after her shooting at her. So don't underestimate how low people can go... :-(


14-05-05, 01:32 AM
As the old saying goes Werdun, "wherever there is animal welfare problems, there are usually human welfare problems". Sounds like this guy could've done with some professional psychological help.

Ritchie - I know it's annoying to have the neighbour call the inspectors to your property, but at least you know that the neighbour looked like a dill, and the RSPCA will ignore future complaints about you.

Pity the inspectors' valuable time is wasted by dimwits like this.

14-05-05, 02:05 AM
We had some local people - who are VERY good with their horses, be reported to the RSPCA for having cotton rugs on their horses in summer, in the a high mozzie area!!!

14-05-05, 02:26 AM
Autumn - I had the same happen to me as well. Co-incidence considering we live in the same shire. Bubs

14-05-05, 02:36 AM

You can hold your head up high. The RSPCA are only doing there job, it is a shame that there time gets so wasted by a vendetta.

I was once reported to them, I had purchased a Mare in poor condition and had only had her a week when the RSPCA turned up, they came out, I showed them my purchase receipt to prove she was like that prior to me buying her, and I showed that what food she would be getting and what my plans where for her, I even gave them the Vets number so they could confirm with the vet that I had been doing the right thing, as I had had them out two days prior checking her and giving her, her shots.

The inspector actually apologized to me, for wasting my time, but I told him and still believe that I had nothing to hide and no reason to, so him coming out meant nothing to me other than them doing there job.

So keep up the good work, usually when this happens it wont be the last call. You may hear from the RSPCA again, although they said you wouldn't, I believe they have to check every complaint they get, even if they know it is false, this way they then have recourse for false complaints, which I THINK you can get in trouble for.

14-05-05, 03:09 AM
Hi Everybody,

Our neighbours had a very old horse, who had been the mother-in-laws and was trucked over from WA. They had sold their farm and left the horse in care with someone else. Anyway it was pretty lucky that the horse survived the trip over. The neighbours are dairy farmers and not real horsey people and the parents are old and have retired. The horse was left with a few cows, everyday when I went to work I would pass the horse. One day the horse went down, we had a really big thunder and lightening storm and the horse was still down, in the morning when I was going to work I thought the horse was dead and thought, poor old thing, but it raised its head when I drove past. I did a u-turn and went back and jumped the fence, the horse had obviously been down for a awhile and had a nasty abcess on one of its feet. So I went back to the neighbours house and told them they should do something about the horse. They didn't like it at all, but I did notice the horse was gone by the time I got home. I don't think they really appreciated me jumping their fence and having a look. There are heaps of channel bank horses around here that survive quite well for years, but at the end of the day they still need some basic care.

The worst part about this is that my old horse is quite ill now with cushings diease, as he is a paddock mate for my other horse, who himself needs paddock rest for a couple of months, we didn't want to put him down but have decided to continue with treatment, (yes I have consulted a vet before anyone goes on about that). But he does look old. I am waiting for the RSPCA to turn up at my house, possibly sent by my neighbours.


Suzie Q
14-05-05, 06:38 AM
Yes we had this happen to us as well. It wasn't nasty neighbours though. One of the girls used to lie about everything. We all knew, but the adults didn't. So obviously a concerning adult, who believed her, was the one who called the RSPCA.

He arrived at the door to say that he had a report that we were riding a palomino with a bloody girth gall and were hitting a bay pony around the head. It was all Mum could do not to laugh at him, but he explained that they have to follow up on all reports. She said, "That's fine. I can't come with you at the moment, but there is only one palomino and one bay down there, I don't mind if you go down and look for yourself". He was back very shortly to apologise and say that the horses were in good condition, there were no wounds to be seen and neither of them were in the least bit headshy."

14-05-05, 09:20 AM
Bit of an update, I had a phone call from nasty neighbour to see what had happened!! I think he was a bit stumped when I told him that RSPCA were very impressed about the condition of my horses. I also advised him that if he does it again there will be action taken.

14-05-05, 03:28 PM
damn right!! what a malicious little jerk he sounds!!

14-05-05, 04:03 PM
Years ago before I was married we lived in a granny flat on 20 acres & our landlords lived in a house on the same property.
I had 2 TB hacks fat as fools fully rugged etc & fed twice daily the landlord had an old TB they kept as a pet , They had no idea & fed the poor thing scrap veges (landlord was a chef) And nothing else.
The horse was wormy & very poor, I found out the horse was leased to the landlord & the owner had driven past & seen the condition of there horse & called the RSPCA.
Who came out to inspect, They found the skinny tb in front paddock & my fat lumps out the back so told the owner there must be a reason why there horse was so thin as there were 2 well few fat horses on the same property.
RSPCA never asked me If I had anything to do with the other horse ,Didnt speak to our landlord about what they fed , Just walked in had a look & said it all looks fine!
The owner of the skinny horse came to pick it up when our landlord was at work & had the hide to get up me saying I should have been caring for her horse, I explained that I had my own horses & had nothing to do with her horse other than I offered a rug for the LL to use during winter that he refused saying the horse has hair .
She was the one leasing it & should have been checking on it , Not just expect me to feed someone elses horse.
But as far AS RSPCA is concerned if there are multiple horses & the majority are in good nick there must be a genuine reason of why the others are thin so wont do anything.
I once reported 3 stallions being kept 24/7 in stables being fed once a day & stables never cleaned, they ##### in there water & it was never changed only filled.
I was called a trouble maker by RSPCA & told If I made another report I would be the one facing charges not the cruel owner,
I dont bother with RSPCA now, I have a friend in horse rescue & I inform her instead.

15-05-05, 07:23 AM
We recently had an RSPCA inspector at our place because our neighbours reported our dogs were chasing guinea fowl. I actually don't have any guinea fowl but the neighbours do and they didn't like it when my dogs chased them. I was quite offended because the guinea fowl (about 60 of them) are on my property and have been for years, the owners seem to think they are quite within their rights to let them roam even though they have been warned ect by the local council now I have to chain my dogs so they don't chase someone elses birds on MY PROPERTY or I can be charged. I have always given money to the RSPCA and bought stuff off them to help with their causes ect NEVER AGAIN now I am being cruel to animals by keeping my dogs chained because someone else dosen't care enough about their own animals to keep them from roaming wherever they choose. Sorry but I think the RSPCA should really get their priorities right.
(hell has anyone seen how guinea fowl fly, dogs would need wings to catch one)
The inspector was impressed with the condition of my horses and dogs by the way. BIG DEAL

15-05-05, 11:24 AM
hmmm alien birds wandering about on your property, what "marks of identification" do they carry? Do they each carry a label saying "I belong to Joe D***head"?


And guineafowl, plucked, cleaned and casseroled or roasted, would be quite tasty I would think.
Pan-fried guinea fowl with pine mushrooms from 9msn: http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=46530
or (given there are 60 of the creatures, and I know how noisy they can be!) here are 15 different recipes all in one fell swoop!


15-05-05, 11:38 AM
The RSPCA tends to be toothless tigers- I was very annoyed when they wouldnt do anything about the turkeys dying from dehydration next door, yet hurry down to check on the condition of my horses.

15-05-05, 02:50 PM
Ah, but that's because dear little doggies and cute little kitties and huggable horses are adored by the little old ladies who leave them millions in legacies. Those same little old ladies EAT turkeys and WANT them dead!

16-05-05, 07:55 AM
I was reading an article yesterday about a big warmblood/Friesian stud in the US that have free range Guinea fowl around the palce as they are very partial to ticks and limes disease and other tick born diseases are prevalent in the area. It made me think I should go out and buy some as we have quite a problem with ticks around here. So maybe the guinea fowl are doing you some good (though I agree it is ludicrous your dog has to be chained on your property so as to not chase their straying birds!).

16-05-05, 08:09 AM
Other peoples livestock and poultry that stay on to your property isa council problem not RSPCA but most councils tend to be just as slack

16-05-05, 10:44 AM
Yes very slack!!!!
The owner when I asked her to keep them home told me that they kept the ticks down Hmmmm wonder why shes lost 3 cows to tick fever (I told her to spray dogs and cows works for me). I would advise against guinea fowl as the health risks are to much IMHO I have thrown out probably $300-$400 work of hay in the last 12 months due to guinea fowl they roost and poop all over my round bales and lucerne bales in the shed they dig up all my gardens, basically wreck the place, I could live with a few but they breed like rabbits and now there's about 60. NOT FUN. Someone said they keep snakes away, yeh from the paddocks instead the snakes are in my yard we have Taipans and King Browns. EVEN BETTER