View Full Version : Prestige Saddles

24-06-05, 02:11 AM
Hi Everyone,

As my hubby has just indulged himsel by buying a $3500 bicycle, i think it is only fair that I get a new dressage saddle, I am looking at a Prestige as I love the leather and the shape of them, they look like they will fit a dream.

Has anyone out there got one or heard things about them that may help me in making my decision? I am also interested in the Passier's, my instructor has an old one and it is divine to ride in, I would also love to know if anyone has either of these for sale second hand or new.

24-06-05, 05:02 AM
I recently decided to treat myself and bought a Crosby Impulsion dressage for about $3,500. I love this saddle- the european leather and it fits my horse like a glove.. Very comfy to ride in!
I purchased it through Horseland and they definately recommended the right one for me.