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19-07-05, 12:38 AM
I went on a trail ride yesterday out at Spring Mountain, Beaudesert area and I just had to comment on the great facilities the endurance club has set up there and made available to the public. There is ample parking, 8 beautifully constructed yards 5x5m, 4 concrete wash bays, toilets,hot showers (that are kept locked, but a key is available) an undercover picnic area and about 5 acres of flat area if you want to school etc, then from what I am told hundreds of kms of trails.
When we left to ride out we were the only ones there, when we came back the place was buzzing with people/horses. It was a great atmosphere.
What a great area...good on the Endurance club for making it available to everyone...if only there were more around like that!
Great trails to ride too...very scenic.

19-07-05, 01:11 AM

Isn't that a great set-up and idea?

Congratulations to the Club and everyone that pulled together to make that a reality. Any in NSW like it? I did hear the concept flagged some years ago that trail riding groups adopt a camp site along the Bicentenial track and erect facilities but never heard what came of that.

19-07-05, 01:21 AM
That is good news Ness.

We are running out or places to ride in Qld since the Government is changing land tenure from State Forest to National Park. In Queensland horses are forbidden in national parks. We will be limited to private property or pine plantations. They have even closed part of the National Trail that links to Caboolture.

19-07-05, 12:37 PM
Hi Kiwi, can you please elaborate more on this facility. Is there a fee involved, where is it exactly?


20-07-05, 12:14 AM
Hi rosco

One of the guys in our club had ridden there twice previously with either the endurance club or Beaudesert Trail Riders Club, so he led the charge. Pretty sure no fees are involved...maybe for the hot water, not sure, but as you need to contact the club to get a key for those facilities I guess they would let you know.

The grounds are on Tully Connection Road, off Pub Lane. About 200m down on the left.

20-07-05, 12:31 AM
Endurance is the fasteest growing horse sport.

Why not , it's friendly , non judgmental, and as competitive or social as you want it to be.

All over Australia small ride clubs run one or two rides a year on their local tracks.

These tracks are through some of the most challenging , beautiful and scenic terrain in the country.

Members are always welcome , and it's really necessary to tag along with club members on training rides to get a feel for the available tracks in your area.

Sadly most of the forest areas are being closed to horses in Quensland.
Trail bikes , wild pigs,wild cats and other vermon , and introduced weeds are all welcome .. but horses are out.

The Beattie labour government rolled over to some racical green pressure and horses were the innocent victims of the dirty industry called government.

If you are tired of being yelled at in the school , or just can't cope with the stress of eventing , check out endurance.

YOur present horse will be just fine, sure most keen competitiors ride arabs and derivatives ; but on any sunday , you will see horses and riders of all shapes sizes and ages , setting out in the dawn mist.
The sport is especially friendly to families , and mums and dads with tiny kids are very common on the tracks

There is a national website , and a tradition of welcoming newcomers to the sport.


Queenslanders seeking more info could start with me


Cheers tgh

20-07-05, 02:16 AM
Ah yes TGH, but the greens have convinced the powers that be that weeds in forests come from horses, and horses introduce harmful bacteria into creeks when the walk through them. Most of us that ride in the bush know that the weeds found are toxic to horses and they are there because of poor forest management. Apparantly we are also responsible for causing erosion, even though we ride on fire trails or logging tracks that are graded every now and then.

Problem is, the radical greens want total exclusion. It is up to recreational users of the forests (not just horse riders) to get political and target marginal seats that were won on green preferences. Some of us will have to vote for a party we have never voted for before.

Has Comptetitive Trail Riding got off the ground in Australia?

I couldn't find any clubs in Queensland last time I looked.