View Full Version : Anyone going to the MS Rideathon

13-08-05, 12:01 PM
I'm so excited only six weeks to go and then i'm headed down south to ride for a week...woo hoo

is any one else going?

16-08-05, 01:26 AM

Yep - sure am. Can't wait. It is just the best holiday ever - good for horsie, good for human. I just can't wait to have someone make my brekky, lunch and dinner for a week - and all I have to worry about is feeding equine friend and ensuring they are enjoying the week too (oh, and of course what beverage to partake in by night!)

I have written some notes for the ride entitled "long distance riding considerations" which are on the website http://www.msnsw.org.au/oe/default.htm

I will be doing some massage work and probably a demonstration/group participation massage (as fundraising for MS) during the week. Love to meet you there.

Julie Wright
Hands On Horses - Equine Massage Therapy
Servicing Sydney & Surrounds
email: hands_on_horses@yahoo.com.au

20-08-05, 11:24 AM
thanks Julie
I;ll keep an eye out for you. This is my first year, luckily for me I'm going with some people that are regulars so they are helping with loads and loads of advice on what I need to take and stuff.

I'll make sure I come up and say hello


20-08-05, 12:02 PM
At the risk of showing that I live under a very large rock, can you tell more about it please. It sounds great! Have fun, I would love to do it next year.

21-08-05, 09:25 AM
Hi Lou
Your not living under a rock at all.
This will be my first year, its a riding event that is loads of fun (I've been told) and money raised goes to the MS Society for treatement of patients and research into Multiple Sclerosis.

This year the ride is in the Braidwood (near Goulburn) area. The ride starts on Saturday 17 September and finishes Saturday 24 September. The course/s cover 160km and they accomodate up to 200 horses.

You and your horse are fed, morning, lunch and dinner for the week and there is entertainment every night. The ride also looks after your horses by providing private or shared paddocks with a vet and farrier available all week.

I'm so excited, the people that I'm going with have gone every year for the last 8 years and they say its brillant.

You can find more info at www.msevents.org.au

Maybe see you next year...