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14-09-05, 05:06 AM
Hopefully this doesnt cause a stir..

I havent been caught up in the herbal craze which has recently hit. I dont know enough about it I guess. But I would like to try some suppliments with my girls.

They are both a little bit 'older' and are currently being fed lucerene hay in the mornings with Hygain Senior, Weight lifter and lucerene chaff at night. With free access to a mineral block.

I have only just started feeding Weight lifter due to my Arab losing a considerable amount of weight due to the loss of her life partner (:p). Its a great feed and I have only seen positives with both the girls on the current routine.

What I was considering herbs for is my stb mare, she's an absolute cow. She kicks and bites and is just plain mean! Ive attempted parelli with her (mind you it was a half assed attempt) and i got to the seven games and instead of her moving away from the light pressure i applied to her hind-quarters, she kicked at me! And when I attempted to lunge her i asked for a trot and again she kicked at me. Her mind isnt sound, someone has abused this poor girl and its not her fault she's the way she is. I think im rambling. I am considering 'booking' her in to see a trainer but im worried because her state of mind isnt really stable im worried that she'll become more agressive.

Just a little insight, this mare if im not working her she knows im the dominant one, if im feeding her and she gets in my face i just need to look at her and she backs off.

Im not sure if herbs will help her I have tried the Sootha nerves & stress, and she didnt like the smell (i put in a pinch a weeny little amount) and she wouldnt touch her feed! Very unlike her.

I know this post is all over the place ((sorry)), any suggestions would be appreciated!

14-09-05, 05:25 AM
For herbal advice it might be an idea to contact someone like Catherine Bird or Victoria Ferguson, I don't have their details handy but I'm sure you'd find them in a google search.

Is it possible she is sore? Sorry if you've already been down that path. But just when you said she is okay around food etc and only acts angry when being worked made me think perhaps she doesn't want to work because she is sore.

14-09-05, 05:34 AM
Thanks Kath,

I have had everything checked. She's sound, no soreness.Ive worked her in a rope halter, bridle, web halter, and a lunge cavession, never with a saddle on.

14-09-05, 02:36 PM
I think training is probably the mainy issue but here's Victoria Fergusen's website