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23-09-05, 10:16 PM


the juvenile deliquent has to undergo some medical treatment and one of the parameters is that his tail cannot touch his hindquarter at ALL. For 5 Days!!!!

Any stray bits of hair find their way into the treated area and we're going to be in serious trouble with a very very very sick sore and sorry juvenile deliquent with permanent scarring. Serious stuff.

Vet suggested that it would be safest to cut tail back to dock.

Horrors! Last resort option.

Have asked vet if i could keep tail bandaged for a week.

Vet says tail must not escape at ALL.

So any tips on how to keep a tail secured for five days with no chance of escape? I was thinking wash tail, braid tail, sew tail onto itself and then several layers of bandage - but I do need to balance out security of tail hairs (there cannot be ANY escapes by that hair) against circulation of dock. How can I secure the bandage so its secure against the efforts of an arabian juvenile deliquent who likes to rub his tail AND not cut any circulation?

Or do we just go punk?

23-09-05, 11:19 PM
You are right to be concerned about the circulation. I am cringing as I tell this story ...I made a HUGE mistake once by plaiting the long, thick tails of several miniature horses, tucking the end up under the dock and securing with rubber bands. Almost all of them ended up with nasty sores and many lost great hunks of their tails. One poor boy had such a bad loss of circulation to his dock that he almost lost his tail altogether. It seemed like such a harmless thing to do at the time but I was horrified at the consequences. :(

My advice - shave the tail, the hair will always grow back! :)

24-09-05, 12:17 AM
You triggered my curiosity... how and why would escaping tail hair cause such HUGE concern?
Anyhow - I would try to secure it as best as I can (but not onto the dock, but onto the hair itself (is there anybody here who shows or works Clydies?). Then don't forget to undo and re-do it a couple of times a day. Cutting it all off means it will take 12 months to grow back and your horse has no defense against insects in summer... and some other inconveniences...

24-09-05, 12:28 AM
you could bandage it loosly with elastoplast this sticks to itself and may pull a few hairs out when removed but better than shaving the entire tail.

24-09-05, 12:41 AM
My curiosity is rampant as well!
Hope the boy's OK.

If it is so imperative, then I would be looking at elastiplast.
Protect the bare skin under the dock, then bandage as normal but with elastiplast. Press it onto the hair for good adhesion, but don't pull it tight, just wrap it lightly to the surface and stick all those little suckers in. Hmm..if a strip of cotton wool protected the skin of the dock, this would help guarantee the bandage was not too tight. The bottom of the tail you could plait as you have said, fold or knot it up to the end of the dock,secure and pop in a bag and the elastiplast would wrap down and secure the top of the bag.

Lisa, with your sense of humour, if you're having us on - you're a dead woman!

24-09-05, 12:58 AM
12 months for a tail to grow back?? I think it would be more like 4 or 5 years. Perhaps cutting it off is not an option. I'd love to know what's happened too.

Carola please help us ... the word for the up and down swing of the head and neck at walk - improv thinks it starts with kopfen something or other??

24-09-05, 02:31 AM
Would a tail bag be out of the question? Is it the toilet-brush hairs up the top and down the dock (that come in contact with the buttocks) that are the concern, or the actual swishy part of the tail? How would those neoprene tail wraps go with circulation/breathing over 5 days (under a tail bag)?

If you can do an even comfortable braid, maybe braid the tail, plait down to the bottom, bandage the dock as loosely as possible, bandage the swishy bit, then put the whole thing in a tail bag? That's assuming he is allowed to wear a rug, but even without the tail bag it might be okay. Perhaps put the whole thing in a stocking after bandageing?

C'mon, tell us what actually happened?!!


24-09-05, 02:54 AM
What about placing the tail in a stocking? then placing a neoprene tail wrap over the top of the tail? Just a thought

Suzie Q
24-09-05, 04:34 AM
I too am intrigued as to what would happen if any hair touched the rump.

There is a product that you can get. From memory it does up with velcro around the dock. Then it has 3 legs. You divide the tail into 3 and each leg does up with velcro down to the end of the tail. You plait the 3 legs together and tie. It can stay in for a week and makes a great fly swat.

If it doesn't reach quite to the dock, we used to keep the bandage on, by wrapping around the tail once and then turning up hairs, so as they held the bandage up and then bandaged them. Surely the hair at the top of the dock wouldn't be too long to do any damage though.

If you are interested in the device for the 3 legs, I can dig around for the phone number of the lady who makes them. She just needs to know the measurement from the bottom of the dock to the end of the tail or from the dock to the ground. One of the two!!

24-09-05, 04:47 AM

since they're only a couple of weeks old, vet is using extra special secret vets business cream on the things. However, if tail hairs flick into cream, then flick all over juvenile deliquents nether regions, juvenile deliquent is going to be in a helluva lotta pain.

Starting treatment tomorrow so not really in a position to be running around the country side buying stuff. Ok, wash tail, plait tail, sew it back onto itself and see if I can just wrap bandage around tail loosely and replace daily?

hmmmm, just wondering - if this goop is that toxic that his tail can't get on it - should I be worrying about him trying to chew the treated sarcoids? Should he wear a neck cradle for a couple of days? or a muzzle or should I just go with wrapping the tail.

He cannot wear rugs at all for the five days that he'll be treated.

ps - Do know about not using rubber bands on skin part of tail. Grew up with sheep. If you ever need to castrate a sheep, you put a very tight elastic band around his t*sticles, cut the circulation and voila, in a couple of weeks unwanted lamb bits shrivel up and die and fall off. Using rubber bands on sheeps tail is an alternative to using a knife on a live sheepies tail. Leaving sheepies tails on in blowfly country is very cruel. Rubber bands are less bl**dy than knives.

24-09-05, 04:53 AM
Hmm Lisa, I too am curious!

Cutting tail off = absolute last resort, and I'm no showie.

I'd be plaiting, then sewing the plait to itself just below the dock to keep it short, then put both legs of a pair of panty hose (over each other), over the whole tail and secure that with a neoprene tail wrap that velcros up. If the stocking makes it too slippery then bring it up over the top of the neoprene wrap and stitch it.

How soon do you have to decide, can you try it first before the procedure???

24-09-05, 05:37 AM
I was going to suggest the site above ....
But it doesnt really help you keep the yucky stuff of his sensitive spots...lol
I keep my stallions tail up off the ground in a tail bag that plaits into his tail, I plait the tail & loop the plait through itself.
Then I slip the bag over the tail it stays in place by 2 ties that thread through the tail hair.
It doesnt hang down, his tail stays in & even better its easy & cheap to make .
The only part of the tail that would be exposed would be the top bit , Which you could cover in some vetwrap.... I have even done the above tail trick with no bag & just wraped it in vetwrap & it works just as well.
I can get piccys if you want... I cant post them so email only....lol

24-09-05, 05:58 AM

Good luck. Poor little Danny.

My concern would be with shaving the tail, if the vet is talking about not one little hair getting on the horse, then wouldn't he be talking about shaving the dock etc. I suppose it depends on where the sacroids are???

I would try the banadaging approach and ensure someone checks on him regularly with the bandage and braiding.

I would even consider, as a few have suggested, using an elastoplast type bandage. Better to loose a few hairs that way than to have to shave the tail.

Please keep us informed on how you get on with Danny.

24-09-05, 06:22 AM
Second the 'poor Danny!'

Got to get it really short and neat...
How thick is his tail?

That plait where the whole tail is up (but you have to be good at braiding) - Lay a loop of string down the dock with the two ends up on his rump. Braid the tail right down the dock (over the string) and secure. Plait the length of the tail, place the end in the loop of string and ease it up through the braid (stitch into the braid at the top) The remaining tail was then either stitched back down the length of the braid on the outside or a second loop of string was used to thread it down inside the braid again.

'Secret vets business' love it !

24-09-05, 07:02 AM
1 sarcoid located on gaskin. 2 sarcoids on shoulder and another on his neck. So I don't have to 'shave' his tail, but to get it short enough to keep it from reaching the gaskin, I'd have to cut it off level with the end of the dock, and then trim some of the side hairs.

He hasn't that much dignity, but what little he does have, i'd like him to keep.

Will do the stocking/sew/vetwrap thing first and hope it works.

Tail is currently halfway down his rear cannons (oohhh horrors say the hack people).....

ummm, should I be worrying about him chewing the wound? If he gets this stuff on his tongue it will do damage, or am I being an overly worrysome worrywort? ie do I spend part of tomorrow screaming around town trying to find a neck cradle or a muzzle to stop him from chewing/licking the sarcoid on his gaskin - or do I just leave it.....being locked up for five days is going to be hard enough on him.

Freds Mum
24-09-05, 07:03 AM
A friend of mine suggests using Glad Wrap to wrap the tail in before you bandage it. That will help keep all the loose hairs under control.

I know of another horse that was treated with the "secret vet stuff" and it worked perfectly for the horse. Sarcoid has been gone for a couple of years now. Apparently the stuff they use is very toxic but has had great results.;-)

Good Luck with your delinquent!

24-09-05, 04:14 PM
Why can't the vet attach a dressing/cover over the treated areas? Surely the toxic stuff could be moved around by things other than his tail - what if he rubs it with his nose, or rubs up on a fence? Wouldn't it be more sensible to put something over the treated sarcoids? I realise bandaging is probably out of the question, but vets can get special self-adhesive "band-aids" of various sizes, which are extremely sticky, so don't come off easily.

Otherwise, I have to agree with wrapping the plaited tail in elastoplast. You can use a gauze bandage as a first layer, to improve breathability and protect the skin. Your vet should be able to supply guaze and elastoplast.

24-09-05, 05:36 PM
hi Lisa
i would be trying to find a muzzle as i heard this type of ointment can be quite nasty if in wrong place, have used elastoplast myself and found this with a stocking to be really good at keeping hairs in place. also have a funny story to cheer you up, when i was little we had a pet sheep, lived in surburbia took him shopping, slept in our beds, well one day when i was patting him with my dad, dad said watch this and proceeded to pull his tail clean off, i screamed the house down thinking my poor sheep was hurt and made my dad stick his tail back on which he did with sticky tape. i didn't realise dad had put a band on his tail weeks before. every morning i would faithfully stick his tail back on till i realised he did't need it any more

24-09-05, 08:10 PM
Hi Lisa,

Heaps of great ideas above for bandaging tail and dock, not sure on what you are using to treat the sarcoids as of tommorow, and i know their are different pros and cons on all typres of tratment but at present i am in the process of shrinking and almost elinating two sacroids under vet guidance. Using a type of wart kill, told its about 100 times stonger than what a person would use. Every day i surround the area on the outside of the sacriod with loads of vaseline, so none of the wart kill type stuff will touch the skin and then dab on small amounts of the liquid which dries fairly quickly. My Horse has no problems with it at all and doesn't try rubbing, licking the area etc. Have been trating the sarcoids for about one month, are getting alot smaller every day, one is almost gone (it was huge). Good luck with the treatment you are using, and would love to know how it all goes.


25-09-05, 07:37 AM
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soooo much for bandaging tails

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25-09-05, 09:42 AM
A friend of mine treated her young TB for sarcoids on the leg with that 'secret vets business' sarcoid cream. It worked quite well and the wound healed nicely.

The mare's sarcoid was on her leg so it could be dressed and bandaged. I remember that we had to be very careful and only get the cream on the sarcoid, not the surrounding tissue because it was [br]
a) pretty nasty stuff and would damage the surrounding tissue; and [br]
b) BL**DY expensive!

I would recommend tying or plaiting the tail up like a polo pony or clydie. However in regard to Clydies, they sometimes have the end of their tails docked to make the short, tidy plaited tail for showing.....

I too would suggest looking at a neck cradle or a muzzle as you don't want him smearing the cream everywhere

Sarcoids aren't fun. Good luck