View Full Version : very active foal.....

Lisa an Gypsie
24-09-05, 04:04 AM
my mare was getting a trim done yesterday and i was sitting on a bucket chatting to the farrier when I saw the foal boot my mare (not born yet only 2 months to go) and move her whole side out nearly.....it kept it up for about five minutes and the farrier was having quite a laugh trying to trim the front feet with the little one kicking away merrily....I was so excited because it's the first time I have seen it move and I almost was in tears!!!! at least we know it's alive...mum wasn't to happy with me and farrier poking her and feeling her belly while the little one was doing aerobics...she was most annoyed!!! lol....I can feel a very active foal comming on....oh boy

Lisa and The "Collection"

24-09-05, 04:13 AM
that is really cool isnt it?