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26-10-05, 03:31 AM
There's a very informative thread running here


in case it applies to or might help someone.

26-10-05, 04:34 AM
Anything that can help horses with navicular problems is great. But I have some questions about the concept of barefoot vs shoeing as being considered as absolute opposite principles when treating navicular problems. As I understand it, the pain characterising NS arises from the rubbing of the deep flexor tendon over the compromised (rough, pitted, damaged) surface of the navicular bone, which is supposed to act as a pulley/roller for the tendon before it attaches to the pedal bone.

I've had one horse with navicular syndrome - the worst foot was boxy and a little too upright, but with quite good heel growth. The other horse had a fracture in his navicular bone.
The first horse was treated conventionally, and was kept sound and comfortable (rideable/copetitive) only for a few years via clever shoeing, circulon, good surfaces and judicious training schedules.

The second horse was destined to be a paddock ornament - he was hardly lame - until out vet suggested we try some radical treatment. He was shod with a full heartbar shoe (actually completely circular) on the affected foot, Put in a cast and immobilized (kind of) in a stable for 5 weeks, then given shockwave therapy to the hoof capsule (twice). He is now completely sound, X-rays beautifully and has never been shod. He is trimmed regularly by our farrier.

Obviously, the two treatments were for two different things - although what caused the actual pain was the same.

I'm interested in the role the shockwave therapy played, and the possibility that this, like the kind of bone-jarring weight bearing therapies now being suggested as preventions/cures for osteoperosis in people, might have a role in treating the degeneration of horse's navicular bones?

If this is possible, would not the stresses created by wearing shoes be a useful thing?

26-10-05, 10:42 AM
Bone jarring is good for strong bone growth. I can testify to that. Broke my femur and 3 months later no new bone growth.. I was told to put lots of weight (painful as all hell) on the leg and make the bone know it had a job to do. 6 weeks later....incredible amount of new, healthy bone growth. Bones that do not get used ...... become weak so your theory is a good one.
Worth considering for sure. All this talk about shoes being jarring on the legs and skeletal structure of a horse...could well be to their advantage.....heheheh, wouldn't that create a stir.
Seriously, I think you've hit on something here CM.

26-10-05, 10:58 AM
Use Equissage Therapy. It promotes circulation and blood and has assisted us with this issue. PS - You use this on a wide variety of issues - we love it and have used it for over 6 months for all sorts of injuries including lactic acid, sore backs and shin issues. The horses love it

26-10-05, 11:13 AM
what is it?