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05-11-05, 06:07 PM
I know there are some friesian owners on CH so I'm hoping that some of you will answer my question :)

I was at a rodeo tonight and we were having a chat about horse breeds, breeding horses and different breeds suiting different discipline.

Friesians came up a few times but other than what they look like no-one had much idea. Can someone tell me a bit more (just general info) about Friesians? Everything from price ranges for buying a fresian, good bloodlines, ones to avoid, and what disciplines they tend to excel in?

I was just so interested in the conversation and I now really want to learn more about them :)


06-11-05, 02:28 AM
Hi Yaz
I've got a friesian warmblood (FxTB) and she is the best horse I have ever had.

She is calm and eager to please and very forgiving
She has wonderful movement, very powerful and extravagant
She is 16hh Jet black and has a huge WOW factor. If I put her in the front paddock you can see cars stop near her.

She cannot jump to save herself, even in the paddock over logs the others jump and she clambers over but I know many others are wonderful jumpers

She has enormous amounts of furnishings. Long curly tail and heavy thick mane. Lots of work to keep the tangles out

I bred her so I don't know how much they cost. I saw some purebred youngsters for sale for around 20K

Dressage & carriage work are their strengths but they are quite adaptable to most things.

Temperament and beauty are I guess their biggest pluses.

I love mine

06-11-05, 03:19 AM
There are a couple of breeders here so they should be able to answer your questions.
I recently bought a 3yo fwb (friesian/tb cross) and I think she's gorgeous. I've just started riding her, which is going ok-ish (more related to me than her!)
The purebreds are stunning.

Have a look at the fwb website, and the links:

This has some video of friesians doing dressage:

Deni, have you posted a pic of yours before here?

Suzie Q
06-11-05, 04:29 AM
}> }> }> }> }>

I apologise before I start, as I am just in a silly mood this morning.

But in answer to your question...

Yes we do own a couple of friesians. Most of them are black, one is brown and then this is probably our purist one!!

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06-11-05, 07:59 AM
And if you are ever planning on riding in a cathedral, you really should have a Friesian. A big tough one.

Make sure it knows how to neigh every time it rears (on purpose of course) or you'll lose the effect.


06-11-05, 08:03 AM
I'm dying to see your dressage test, Suzie! }>

Suzie Q
06-11-05, 09:03 AM
LOL Improv. I have seen her scramble over 3ft, so maybe showjumping would be better.

06-11-05, 11:52 AM
Well I thought my friesian can be different to fit a saddle to, yours might be even trickier Suzie Q :)

06-11-05, 12:39 PM
Hi Yarrawin
my dad is from Friesland (island north of holland) and says that the horses are beautiful to look at but are strong minded, tempermental, and some are downright nasty but he could also be talking about friesland men, as if you dare call someone from Friesland, dutch they will get extremely offended as they even have there own flag,
I dont agree about the horses though as i think they are just lovely (wish i got to see more of them) and there cows and cheeses are good to but the best thing the friesans do is raise beautiful daughters Lol

07-11-05, 03:35 AM
"Lord, give me chastity and continence; but not yet". St. Augustine

I think the Freisians are just beautiful too :) Martha Stewart has a collection :)

I think Blackhorse who posts on here is a breeder?

Friesian Chick
07-11-05, 09:10 AM
Hi guys,
I compete on a Friesian cross TB at Advanced/Prix St George level. I can only say amazing wonderful things about his character. He is my best friend and the most gentle horse i have ever known. I bought his full brother i have so far kept as a stallion. I love these Friesians so much i recently went over to Holland to buy a purebred and came home with 2 stallions and a mare! They arrive out of Quarantine on wednesday!
My advice is if you pick the talented ones that show they can come out of the shoulders and if they have a good canter you should be ok. Their piaffe/passage is also quite amazing! I stayed at Proud Meadows in America earlier this year where Sabine Shut Kery competes them in Grand Prix. So it can be done! You just need to find the right ones!
Friesian Chick

07-11-05, 10:53 AM
The horse in the movie Ladyhawke with Matthew Broderick, Michelle Pfieffer and Rutger Hauer features a Friesan. Now I dont know too much about them, but that horse does look magnificent in that movie.


07-11-05, 11:25 AM
That is when I fell in love with Friesans (after seeing Lady Hawke as a child). I now have the movie on DVD (shame they never updated the sound track though). My favourite part is where they are both upon the horses and they fight. How splendid do both horses look!!!

~God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses ~

07-11-05, 11:26 AM
LOL Leahrydeary...see my previous post!!!


07-11-05, 11:37 AM
Ladyhawke was one of my favourite movies as well and I also fell in love with the breed then.

Whilst at Equitana on the weekend we caught up with the Australian Fresian Horse Society as they had a horse there who just took your breath away.

On their brochure they have a few contacts which may be helpful:


www.horsetalk.co.nz/friesian or email afhs@hotmail.com

secretary: Hans Maes, fryske@ceinternet.com.au

there is also a mail address - let me know if you want that as well

Hope this helps

08-11-05, 11:48 AM
Gee you go away for 4 days....................

I have been at Equitana for the last four days (left lunch time today) handing out Friesian info etc and talking myself hoarse.

Yarrawin, the crosses vary tremendously, depending a lot on the mare as they have been crossed with all sorts of breeds. Especially temperament. A lot of people will send a hot or difficult mare to a Friesian hoping to get the good tempermant but it doesn't always work, you get the mares temperamant instead. Friesian chicks horse (who I havent; seen since he was a three year old) had a full brother at Equitana taking part in the Richard Weiss demo, The Carrock Victor, and he was absoultely stunning. Friesian/TB cross. Fabulous dressage horse type. On the other hand I have just sold my little Tb/Fr cross mare, out of a 15.3 TB, who just didn't grow past 15 hands. Sweet little mare who is going off of be a trail horse.

Same with the purebreds. My stallion is out doing dressage and scoring really well. He is a more baroque type than the one that was ridden at Equitana but he still has a excellanct canter, three tremendous paces in fact- and he likes to jump!. On the other hand one of my mares is not a dressage type at all. She has looks and temperament to die for but does not have the forward paces or length of leg to really make it as a dressage horse. Has produce two really good moving foals though to a taller and more riding type stallion.

And we are all waiting with held breath for FC's new stallions to arrive!

08-11-05, 02:54 PM
I too have a friesian stallion and he is just a lovely friendly horse. I am hoping to do dressage with him. He has lovely movement, and is a such a character. I just love the friesian breed and hopefully soon I shall add some mares to my stable.

09-11-05, 03:45 AM
Oh Suzie! lol
You make me laugh :) Need a good laugh this week to be honest. Just split with the other half. Not ever easy, even if it was my choice.

Thanks for the giggle!! :) Feel free to send more this way lol

giddy limit
16-11-05, 01:59 PM

Some of you will know this already, but I have had my Friesian/Percheron cross gelding for 6 months now, and we are totally head over heels in love. He is a super special horse. Words can't describe just how fab he is.
He is a very solid 15.3h. Nice paces, LOVES to jump (not that I've done much because I'm still working on some basics!!). Can be a bit nervy, but not at all 'hot' or 'mad'. He just needs reassurance from time to time. He is gorgeous - a real head turner whereever I go. But the thing he has which is really special is trust. He likes me, loves to please me, loves to work, picks new things up really fast. He is 13 and hasn't had an easy life - is very wary of men and exhibits behaviour from time to time which suggests he has been roughly handled in the past. He is a big horse and was quite undisciplined and disrespectful when I got him, but is in fact very submissive and sooky now that we have our relationship established. He has a very sparky affectionate personality, and is the only horse I've ever had such an awsome 'bond' with - best way to describe the relationship is to say it is more like one you might have with a dog.
I'm going to compete him in dressage soonish, and have been wondering whether he might get a look in as a show hunter. He probably isn't fast or nimble enough for showjumping proper.
I would love to have a purebred Friesian somewhere down the line, but I think they are quite expensive, 10-20k is what I've seen asked for young fillies - geldings would probably come cheaper.

16-11-05, 03:47 PM
A highlight of my year was 'meeting' the most stunning Friesian stallion ... % put a little web site together to introduce him to others ... here is the link.

I also met another Victorian breeder at Equitana. Her stallion was ridden in some of the demonstrations and he was absolutely lovely.

I must confess to being a bit of a fan since June when Django fist made his impression.


I hope that you like him too.

Lynn Jenkin sent me an e-mail today, her purbred mare had a filly foal today and she sent me a picture, I will put it on the site after DWTS. If your interested keep the link and go back there next week.