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07-12-05, 04:26 AM
My horsey friend who is also agisting my two has found her dream property on the other side of town (2 hours away from where she is now), and is moving north of Gawler at the end of January.

This leaves me looking for agistment in the Adelaide Hills, so hoping someone out there can help with suggestions or places that are not so great..

I will definitely have to move towards the end of Jan, but would consider going earlier if it was a case of "vacancy now, may not be there at end-Jan".

I have 2 well-behaved horses, one ridden and one unridden (2yo but well handled).

My wish list is:

reasonable fencing & paddocks
feeding 1 x daily
rugging in changing weather (1 rug only at a time, use cottons & winter synthetics)
put flyveils on & take off if weather changes (not daily)
separate paddocks (not essential, but would prefer)
a shelter in the paddocks or some trees
need arena to work on & somewhere to wash horse for shows
a round yard is an added bonus
I would like the person in charge to be able to hose down a leg or give a penicillin injection if a course is needed.

If you know of anywhere, and could give an idea of $$, that would be great.


07-12-05, 02:57 PM
Check out www.kirbypark.com

Not sure what availability is. But worth sending Megan an email.

Individual paddocks, feeding twice daily, rugs etc, dressage arena, brand new very large SJ arena being built at the moment, wash bay etc etc.

08-12-05, 02:14 AM
Thanks Wombat - but problem solved!!

Fortunately for me (but not for my friend, although she is OK with it) the building inspection on the new place has come back with some serious questions, and they have decided not to sell!