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Natural Player
12-12-05, 04:25 PM
At 8pm every night the dog go's nuts and the ground starts to rumble.
I have two broodmares and a gelding in the same paddock and 8pm every night they pace up one side of the fence than back down. once there all back they shoot off together down the side again and wait at the other end and than they come back.
It's like there own mini races. The two mares go on for about 30 mins but the gelding only lasts about 5-10. I should add there all x racers but the two mares haven't been riden in years. I've never noticed it before it's just started over the past 2 months.
Any idea's why they do it.
I would love to get a few pic's when they are doing it but it's always just getting dark making it low light and the camera wont work. And I tell you what there's still plenty of pep left in the old girls. They give the gelding a run for his money and he was the better horse on the track and he's younger.

Lisa an Gypsie
12-12-05, 11:58 PM
anywhere near mt isa? at 8pm they blast here and it makes everyhing shake like buggary for a bit


13-12-05, 12:29 AM
Hi Natural player,

Could it be mossies that are annonying them and they are running around trying to get away from them? Where my horses are there are millions of them just as it is getting dark. Mine get light rugs on and spray to help keep them away. Hope this helps.


13-12-05, 01:06 AM
I've just always presumed all horses do it, as long as they have playmates and space.
It's an evening ritual, to watch all the horses having a hoon, from the youngsters to the broodies. Love it.

The foals leap and frolic about, the paddock of 2&3yr colts pretend they are wild desert arabians.

In summer with the hard ground, you can really feel the vibrations in the ground when they go wheeling around the paddocks in a mob.

There's probably some instinct at work - like, perhaps, after grazing all day on the open areas of grassland, the herd would round up and head for a safer night camp...? Someone has probably studied it and knows. I am content to sit back and watch the show!