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21-12-05, 10:57 AM
hi everyone,
after doing considerable research i have fond no online live chat rooms for horsey ppl to meet and have fun so.....
after doing even more research and considerable thought and disscussion with fellow horse ppl that i know.
i am thinking of opening my own chat room solely for horse ppl to meet, laugh, have fun and exchange storys. i have found a chat web site that allows you to create ur own chatroom for free so it will cost me nothing and it will also cost nothing for fellow chatters.
however i do not wont to go ahead with this unless im sure that ppl will come and chat and use the room cos other wise it will be a waste of time me doing it......
soooo having said all that i was wondering what ur thoughts and opinions are on this and whether u would be interested in chatting in such room??????
hope to hear from u all soon

21-12-05, 11:23 AM
The Horses-Oz chat is on Monday and Thursday nights from 8pm onwards (I think it's 8pm...I got stuffed up when daylight saving started. It's 8pm in SA...pssst Tubby, what time is it EST?!)

Go to http://equestrianpages.com:8080

This page can take a while to load up, but when it shows the available chat rooms in blue boxes, in the "add room" section, type #horses-oz and that will take you there.

Usually goes for 2-3 hrs and atm around 3-5 regular chatters.


21-12-05, 11:56 AM
I think Stockyard also has a live chat - I have not been on it yet but have used the forum a few times (although it mainly seems to be WA based - not that there is anything wrong with that).


Has anyone else used this chat forum - if so, have you found it any good?

21-12-05, 02:37 PM
I would give it a go, good luck on what you decide

21-12-05, 02:44 PM
Stockyard is a good site in general.
Its worth a look for sure.
Great people.
See how you go.

21-12-05, 03:22 PM
We dont bite ...well not hard anyway!:)

21-12-05, 04:57 PM
another good site to use in daytime australia is www.horsecity.com/newchat/

a lot of american horsepeople here ( if you can stand it ? :) )