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23-12-05, 02:49 AM
Just a stupid question about retained placentas. My mare foaled normally about a month back but the placenta hung out and came free sometime that night (she foaled at 2pm). The vet cleaned her out next day after examining it and found and removed a small piece. Antibiotics etc, no sign of infection or any problems. Is this what is called a retained placenta (not the whole thing - just maybe a small part)? Is the cleaning out bit called "flushing"? Obviously this can cause major problems with infection (not for us thank goodness!). Are there other effects? I should have asked the vet but it was all too exiting at the time! Thanks in advance - I saw a reference to retained placentas on the sad :-( post about the sick foals and it wasn't the place for a stupid question...
Thanks, Blue

23-12-05, 03:14 AM
If the placenta has not detached by about 6 hours it is called retained or if a piece of tissue is left behind it is called retained. This requires flushing usually with a combination of antiobiotics and a sterile saline solution and possibly injectable antibiotics as well. It is a serious situation which can lead to severe infections, laminitis, etc.
Yes, cleaning the mare out is called flushing, which is literally what is done. When the placenta comes away by itself it is called 'cleansing'.
Sadly a lot of people might know to dab Hibitane on the cord and see the foal pass some meconium, but they are not aware that even after the initial passing of meconium that meconium impaction is still a threat. Foals often still need an enema. They need to be watched very carefully for weeing, pooing and drinking over the first week.

02-01-06, 02:14 AM
Thanks Syzygy,
Great info and just what I wanted to know. Sorry it has taken so long to respond but thanks a lot,

02-01-06, 03:08 AM
By the way, bluerider, it's not a silly question at all!