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31-12-05, 05:15 AM
My horse has just consumed about 5kg of chook pellets!
We had to pull down part of the paddock fencing as we are putting in irrigation, so I put her out into our main yard. She went into the big truck shed, past the car, tractor and slasher and truck ramps to get at a bag of pellets!
Now I get to sit and wait on the consequences I suppose, or is there something I can do that may help!
She is also in foal!
Aarrh!. If I had wanted her to go where she did, she bluddy well wouldn't!

Suzie Q
31-12-05, 05:21 AM
You're right she wouldn't even approach the shed if that's what you wanted!!

Is she grazing? If not I would give her a biscuit of hay, (Yep give her more the poor half starved thing), and keep an eye on her.

31-12-05, 05:26 AM
Dont wish to alarm you but i bought a tb early this year with very bad feet ... the previous owner said her neighbours fed the horse chook pellets over the back fence and the horse foundered ... so i guess you should keep a check on her feet and be on the look out for colic.... other than that im no help....

31-12-05, 07:31 AM
Hi Gg

I wouldn't worry at this stage. My horses over the years got into the chicken pellets and had no problems except a full stomach. If it was happening often then that could be a problem.

Just keep an eye out for signs of colic. Have you got any bran to make up a sloshy mix? It would help flush out the pellets. If I had some I would drop it off.

I would only give her some lucerne today/tonight. No grain etc as she has had a bit of variety today.


Simone ~God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses ~

31-12-05, 08:05 AM
My two ratbags do it all the time. My TB always manages to find the chook pellet bag. Just yesterday my QH filly got into the chook pen and took the lid of the feed drum and cleaned that out while the TB was in the house yard finishing off the cockatiel bird seed. Honestly all they think about are their stomachs!

31-12-05, 10:26 AM
Rosco- rofpmsl. Don't worry about colic you better keep an eye on your to make sure he doesn't start sqwarking and sprouting feathers!

Seriously it is amazing what horses can eat and get away with. Our old shetland gets in the shed and has some lucerne hay, some chaff (gets the lids off), a little bit of cow grain and to top it all off and just to fill his belly he then eat palm kernal meal!!! Hasn't shown any ill effects of his munching and he is 27 and has a founder history! Plus this is all after he has escape from his "Jenny Craig" tether chain.

I am sure I recall him munching on chook pellets more than once and being fine. If it was the chook grain that would be a different story.

31-12-05, 11:11 AM
lol narelle. I told the owner of my local produce store about the tb and the bird seed and he said just watch he doesn't fly off. I laughed and said with a belly like that hell will freeze over before he gets off the ground!!

P.s My horses have eaten the chook grain too and it didn't seem to worry them too much. I really must find a new hiding place for the chook food.!!


31-12-05, 02:46 PM
Well, I gave her only hay and no "goodies" for dinner. She seems fine. Maybe she'll start laying, heavens knows my chooks aint.

01-01-06, 08:58 AM
I'd be very watchful for colic for the next 24 hours GG. This happened with a pregnant mare of mine a couple of years ago, only she got about half a bag of chook pellets, not just 5kg. Soon as we found her we scooted her out of there and away from the pellets.

Anyway, about 12 hours later I noticed she was colicy, so called the vet. There were gut sounds but they were a bit depressed. Finadyne sorted out the situation and she started to eat after that.

The vet said that chook pellets in large numbers can ferment, and because they have an antibiotic in them, they can upset the normal balance of 'good' bacteria in the gut quite quickly, which is what causes the colic.

My mare ended up losing the foal, she was only about 60-90 days at the time, and must have reabsorbed. We don't know if it was due to the colic or whether it happened earlier or later, but we ended up with no foal for her that year :-(

Hope your mare is OK GG.



03-01-06, 10:47 PM
They do some weird things and seem to eat everything, Jester was in the backyard over the weekend while it was hot and ate the whole of the herb garden - thyme, coriander, three diffrent kinds on mint, parsley, basil , chives etc. he found the macadamia tree made a good bum scratching post pulled all the lemons of the tree but the weirdest he ate the tree fern he loved the fronds and even the dead ones and before eating them he would bonce each one up and down wiht his head a few times.

04-01-06, 01:45 AM
Speaking of weird things horses eat, this is what I have seen my boy eat (but not in great amounts - thank god):

green pears off the tree (including twigs and leaves)
green apples off the tree ( " )
unripe lemons
ripe fallen apricots
mixed grain chook feed
leaves of all sorts
twigs and sticks
roses (leaves, flowers, thorns and all)
comfrey (currently eating it as fast as it grows)
tree fern trunk
orchids (prefers the leaves and bulbs)
bark of all kinds
dead fronds of the large palm tree
and lots of things out of my flower and veggie garden!!! (he will pretty much stick anything in his mouth lol :) )

... and some wooden clothes pegs!

04-01-06, 02:34 AM
My horses have been quite adept at eating mangoes, will suck every ounce off of the seed before spitting it out. It is also very messy and difficult to get off!
BTW Mare has had no ill effects from her pig -out with the chook feed.

04-01-06, 05:55 AM
I may be way of track here but it would be worth checking that the chook food does not have the antibiotic additives that calf feeds have - calf feed and horses is a seriously bad mixture

Check with your stock feed person - they will know about the calf feed, and can advise if your chook food has any similar additives.

04-01-06, 06:54 AM
My next door neighbours' pony recently got into the chook food and developed a nasty bout of colic for her trouble. She did not eat a lot but being a small pony (shetland) it was obviously enough to create a problem. The vet gave her pain relief and parafin oil and luckily she came through it OK but was in a lot of discomfort for a while. The vet explained about the high amounts of protein in the pellets and the swelling effect in the gut as well as the fermentation that would have occurred, in effect burning the wall of the stomach which would have been quite painful. I would certainly be looking out for signs of colic if any of my horses had eaten chook food.

04-01-06, 04:36 PM
I had a Tb gelding that had lumps come up in his mouth and his tongue began to slightly swell. An experienced horsey friend told me it was an allegy to mangos (after I mentioned to him how he loved them). I feed him calcium powder for a week and he was fine thank goodness but never got any more mangos.


Simone ~God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses ~