View Full Version : New Site for Wallace Livestock Insurance

19-11-99, 04:10 AM
For all of you with valuable horses, you may be interested in visiting a new site we are hosting for Wallace Livestock Insurance Agency. You can find the new site at http://www.cyberhorse.net.au/wallace

20-11-99, 12:02 AM
We put nearly all our horses with Wallace Livestock, and can speak from experience that they are a terrific company to deal with and never had a problem with claiming! Vivian does a great job, keeping us trainers on the ball when we have so many other things to think about.

20-11-99, 05:33 AM
I've heard it's quite hard to find an insurance company that will cover a horse while in flight. People who imported a show pony to NZ found that most company's would not cover while the horse was in the air. Does the above mentioned insurance company cover while horse is in the air?

20-11-99, 09:27 AM
I imagine Wallace would cover horses in flight. International Racehorse Transport is owned in the same interests and they fly all the shuttle stallions in and out of Australia. Can't imagine them not doing the insurance as well.

23-11-99, 08:10 AM
They sure do insure horses whilst in flight - call them - Viv is brilliant and incredibly helpful!