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Fi Fi
13-04-06, 08:26 AM
I need to have a whinge! Next week, hubby, daughter and I are off to NZ for 3 weeks to do the campervan thing and lots of walking (or tramping in NZ-speak). So, last night daughter and I head off to our karate grading which required, among other things, that I do 2 bouts of fighting. Lucky me gets the young, super fit, much more senior belt bloke to fight. I decided that attack was the best defence and went for a really hard kick, which he blocked very well with his equally hard knee! I cannot walk today without hobbling and limping badly! Serious fetlock bruising.
Hubby was less than happy - the last time I did this just before a holiday I had a broken ankle and delaminated tendons which required $3500 worth of surgery I fell down the steps of my feed shed carrying hay). Am sitting here, trying to work out how to get some shoes on and go outside to clean stables and feed horses. Of course, actually riding horse is out of the question.....

13-04-06, 07:07 PM
Oh FiFi, what a thing to happen just before a holiday. You poor sod. :'( Hopefully it's nothing an ice pack or two won't fix. Perhaps you can get some anti-inflammatories from your doctor & maybe try some arnica cream to help with the brusing.

I did karate for years before too many serious injuries. I can no longer train which is a real b*&%h as it was a extremely important aspect of my life. Just remember that when doing kumite and facing a stronger opponent, use his strength & power against him.

Did you & your daughter pass your grading? What grades are you two? I'm a 1st dan in Shotokan and was a 1st Kyu in another style. I left the first sytle after snapping my curiate ligament(sp) & their refusal to let me sit my dan grading. I had a 6 year break and then started again from scratch at Shotokan. I finally had to retire permanently after a tore a ligament from the bone and did my other knee in simultaneously. Even after being retired for over 12 years I still miss it, karate gave me such a sharp focus & inner peace. It made me a better person.

Your holiday sounds wonderful. Hopefully you'll feel better by the time you leave.:)

Fi Fi
15-04-06, 03:08 AM
Hi Cades - the good news is that it is only bruised. I can now walk (sort of) and my new best friend is Voltaren Gel! My daughter and I both passed our 7th kyu (Kyokushin) I used to do another style of martial arts many years ago and wsa a brown belt but started from scratch in Kyokushin. It's great for fitness if I can remain injury free!

15-04-06, 03:39 AM
My little boy is six and does Tae Kwon Do he just got his green tip. He loves it. He is ADD and it helps him alot with his co-ordination and concentration.

15-04-06, 04:52 AM
"I guess I'm not needed now then, huh?"

Fi Fi
15-04-06, 06:16 AM
Lol Improv! My foot is much better - no really it is!