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02-05-06, 12:37 PM
has anyone used this product before with success?

in the last 24hrs my mare has managed to make herself LAME in her hind fetlock. i did a flexion test on the joint and she hobbled away looking thoroughly upset. there was heat and swelling so i bought a swelldown poultice and followed instructions.

how long should i continue to use the poultice? it said take off after 24hrs, but did not specify whether or not you should apply a new one or not. i'm going up to take it off tomorrow and i want to know if i should put a new one on or just leave it be.

02-05-06, 02:59 PM
I manage a string of high performance horses and use swell down regularly.
I always ice the leg/s for 20mins first then apply the mud,brown paper, thick pad and then firm(not tight!)bandage being especially careful to apply with even pressure..and then run the hose over the pad..mud works best if it stays moist.
i would usually leave on overnight then hose off in morning and re-assess the injury.
If there is still swelling i turn the horse out with a dry pad and bandage or nothing at all so he can walk around and get the circulation going.
It is medicated, but i prefer not to use it if there is a visible wound.
Some sentive skinned horses will have a reaction to the mud, especially if you leave it on too long and let it dry out.
If the leg doesnt improve within a few days i will get a vet out
good luck!

Prancing Pony
03-05-06, 01:59 AM
I use it once overnight then take it off and hose it thoroughly then if there is still swelling I will ring the vet if I don't know why, if I am satisfied that I know the cause and it will heal then I put some more swell-down on but without a poultice so that it doesn't interfere with circulation. I keep doing this for a few days, usually by then the swelling is gone. I think a few of us (including me) mentioned a virus going around that was making their back legs swell, that's what everyone seemed to do for that, I didn't use a poultice at all that time though, my horseys pull them off anyway.

03-05-06, 03:43 AM
we've tried the swelldown/brownpaper/bandages thing only once overnight & it worked well but who's to know if it was the poultice or just rest!
we gererally use ice boots but have seen quite a few eventers who just slap on the swelldown by itself after the cross country phase - not sure whether they hose it off before heading home

03-05-06, 04:00 AM
Hi All,

So intersted in this topic for a couple of reasons.Firstly , what's this abount a virus snd leg swelling. I don't get to log in very often. WE had a t/bred with a swollen leg last week and seemed
to be a bit stressed after light work. No heat in leg ,no lameness. All good now though. Also this horse events and we ice boot his legs after but I think the leg never seems really cold enough when we take the boots off. We wet leg first , wet the boot and let ice drip through for a while and have the velcro up firmly. What do others feel after removing the boots??


03-05-06, 06:30 AM
Ideally the leg should be cold and hard after icing for 15-20mins (as opposed to hot and swollen)if not then you would assume there is inflamation and somethings not right.

03-05-06, 08:43 AM
Hmm, Thanks for that. We don't usually get swelling after the boots come off , the legs just don't feeel very cold.Perhaps the boots are just working overtime and a lot of heat is being released. I am going to try the new ice gel and bandage that's being advertised and see how that works .

03-05-06, 09:45 AM
hmm i have been up this arvo.

still heat and swelling so i put on another swell down poultice with brown paper, pad, bandage etc after hosing the leg down. i don't get it. my horse hasn't been lame for 18 months and the last time it was from a bad stumble on a trail... this is just from something she must have done overnight or in her paddock!

tomorrow i'm going up first thing in the morning to take the bandage off and if its still swollen i'm going to just put the swell down on without the bandage.

she isn't lame at a walk only at trot. and she's resting the leg a lot. should i call the vet if its still swollen tomorrow? i dont know how she's done this so i dont know whether its serious or not, but i haven't seen much improvement since yesterday and i'm getting concerned.

Prancing Pony
03-05-06, 01:16 PM
The virus is mentioned in a post a few weeks back, I think about 10 people or so said their horses had it, including both of mine and most others at my agistment. There was not heat or lameness but both back legs were swollen up to the hocks for about 4 days then just went down.

Sounds like a good plan sweet savannah, doesn't sound like your horsey has this virus. Might of knocked it in the paddock, horses legs swell pretty easily (especially TB's)- if you think of the equivalent weight they're carrying and the size of the legs it's basically like us walking on our fingertips!!

If you can, call the vet, hard to advise other than that not knowing your experience as always on this forum. Definitely stick with the swell-down 'till then, the vet will probably tell you to put that on and give you some bute or something similar anyway to reduce the swelling.

Is it possibly a bite of some sort? Any marks or small (usually hard) lumps near the site? Might want to check that, it's a useful thing to tell the vet if there is especially as the mark might of gone by the time they see horsey.

03-05-06, 01:36 PM
nope no bite marks or anything like that.

she had windgalls in that area so at first i thought that it wasn't swollen just sore. bt there was heat in the area so that confirmed it.

yeah i remember that virus. a stable i used to work at in Ingleside had about three horses down with it. legs like elephants! some had it just the back... others both front and back. they got the vet out and he gave them bute but didnt specify what it was exactly. it was bizarre!