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21-08-06, 12:19 AM
There was someone looking for the owner of Oregon Park So Confewst. It's me! Sorry that it's taken so long to get back to you. If you are still interested, let me know.

21-08-06, 12:57 AM
Hi Shaz
Yes that me!

I hope you dont mind me contacting you....Firstly, congratulations on your colt? Now gelding I assume....HE is absolutely beautiful.. My husband and I saw him as a very young man (3-5 months old I would guess) when we went to see the stud...

Well his mother (Shadow), I have her full sister... Looks like a twin.. exactly same color, a bit taller etc...She is a registered fewspot and although trained in western trail I have not pursued this with her....I too had the same Sire as your young man put over this mare and got something completely different... a Palamino fewspot... she is basically palamino with a huge white blanket..Anyway, we are now (very reluctantly) considering selling the mare as we have two young foals (inculding her one)which will become our life from now on.....I spoke to the AAA and told them I would prefer an appy home...If you are interested or know someone who may be perhaps you could contact me. P.S I would love to sent you some pictures of the mare and foal.. only if you are interested...And I would love you to see a picture of Oregon Park So Confewst now that he' all grown up... I would love to know how tall he is... what is temperament is like etc....Hope to hear from you....

21-08-06, 01:59 AM
I would love to see pics of all your horses too!!!!

They sound gorgeous!!