View Full Version : Who's overseas at the moment?

31-08-06, 08:53 AM
OK i am going to prove that I dont have much excitement in my life ! (other than the upcoming chockfest)
I am looking for anyone that is overseas at the moment to just hop onto my website.

I have got this cluster map thing on it which shows me where people are based. I was quite excited when I had dots in England and Germany the other day.... my first since I installed this map. woohoo

anyway - thankyou if you do, you will make my day !

(i enjoy simple pleasures)

31-08-06, 01:58 PM
Ummm . . . Yeah, I'm in ummmm . . . . Holland at the moment (yer that'l do)

sorry, just wish I was !

31-08-06, 05:57 PM
Me me me! I work in Germany, and I was looking at your website the other day. You have a lovely stallion.

Max P
31-08-06, 06:55 PM
Do we have to do anything or just log on? Do we have to sign the guestbook?

01-09-06, 12:12 AM
aahh Frogfriday - it twas your little red dot I saw !
YOU MADE MY MORNING that day .. like OMG someone OS looked at my horses!

just logging onto it records it - but you can sign the guestbook if you want, I see there are a few quirky ones in there.

... mmm as you can see other than my horses, my life is really quite dull and boring !

Max P
01-09-06, 02:44 PM
Ok, I see my dot there now!

02-09-06, 12:10 AM
gee you guys had a field day last night

i am gunna have to get my atlas out... and study my geography.

thanks all ! :)