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02-09-06, 01:19 AM
I didn't want to put my boy in the next door neighbours paddock today cause when I went to get him last night they had been burning off in it. It is quite a large paddock, but he is an inquisative (spelling) horse and likely to stick his nose in the fire/embers.

So, I left him in one of my paddocks, which has quite long grass and weeds (although, not very thick). Do I have to worry about Laminitis?

Typically, it started to p**s down on my way home and I don't think anythign would burn today anyway so I could have put him in there.

The little bugger also turned his nose up at the hay I gave him, I'm in WA so my hay is quite precious :)

Suzie Q
02-09-06, 01:29 AM
The first day of Spring!

If he is used to grass in your neighbours paddock, then he should be alright with grass in your paddock, but be very careful. Colic from grass is quite common. Usually from horses that have no access to grass then let in to eat grass.

Lucky you having grass. We have had a bit of rain in the last couple of days and I can see the grass just starting to recover.

I am expecting to see a lot of talk about founder in the next couple of days/weeks on Cyberhorse :(

02-09-06, 02:45 AM
Thanks. He has been on lush long grass since December every day so he is used to it. I didn't even think of laminitis etc until I was at home :(

Wish he was in neighbours paddock now :(

Might get my mum to check on him at lunch time, she works close by to where he is agisted.