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01-10-06, 01:27 AM
Name: Annie (Female)
Occupation: Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer

Real Occupation: Giver of money to my daughter to Event

Age: 42

Married: 20 years this November

Children: (2) Amanda is 19 and Alex is 16 going on 25.

Horses: 11 - 4 Warmbloods (7 year old arabian warmblood showjumper about to go eventing, 3year old, 2 year old and yearling pure warmblood),

5 Thoroughbreds Mickey is a 2 star eventer, Red is a Prenovice, Phoenix and Versace are Intro eventers, Armani is a Medium Dressage horse (for sale).

1 Clydie X TB filly yearling Ima Lucky Charm broken into the cart and going great.

1 Shitland (my hubby bought him to eat the grass around the house but all he does is escape onto the road, so is banned to the neighbours paddock.

18 Dogs (Chihuahua having pups at the moment)

Discipline: Watching, driving, strapping for my ambitious daughter who Events.

I love this site because you then realise that your problems are real not just in your head.

01-10-06, 02:37 AM
Hey Annie! LOL, I know what you mean! Nice to know you aren't the only chick out there who works too hard, earns too little and really just wants to ride horses, hey! I used to think it was just me too!

Welcome to CH.