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07-10-06, 11:57 AM
Has anyone just decided to start pretty much from scratch, all over again??? I've had a 9 month break from horse riding, and have decided to just start all over again. Changing everything, especially my position. I get out and ride differently now. I am becoming more and more aware of what my body is doing while I am on the horse. Little bits of tension, looking down, reins being held differently.... pretty much everything I'm focussing on.

I have even been working on the horse a lot. And we've only been walking, concentrating on truely going forward and onto the bit. It is an interesting experience, especially when you have been at the top of your game previously only to start from the beginning!!

08-10-06, 01:52 AM
Yes, Melz, I know exactly what you are talking about. My break from riding was a lot longer than yours, I didn't ride consistently for about 2 and a half years. Even before that I was always so unhappy with my riding - I knew I was riding incorrectly and just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. To cut a long story short(er) I had a spate of bad luck (mostly injuries) with my horses, broke up with my then-partner and had to sell all my gear, float etc. I looked for an instructor with a horse but in SE Qld they are few and far between. I just decided to give it away and 'grow up'. Then as fate would have it, I got moved to the Hawkesbury, which for those that don't know is Western Sydney and one of the horsiest places in Oz!!!! Horses as far as the eye can see LOL!! Since July last year I have consistently been having lessons on schoolmaster horses. I told my instructors " I want to go back to scratch, pretend I haven't ridden before". My riding has improved sooooo much. I can't believe it, I actually FEEL like a rider now. I can see that before I really couldn't ride much at all. I could stay on. Wow, I can't even explain to you how awesome it feels!

Good luck with it, it really is 'mind over matter'.

Suzie Q
08-10-06, 08:52 AM
Yes my break from horses was 10 years.

I don't seem to get past the beginning!!! He has been out for one reason after another. Going through a 5 strand fence. Next time somersaulting in the paddock and last time tearing his hoof.

I've forgotten what it is like to have a horse in work!

08-10-06, 09:15 AM
My break was four years and im getting back into it now, ive been getting lessons with a great instructor and wonderful horses and loving it so much more now , after every lesson i drive home and i must look like a complete freak with this huge smile on my face ! i pretty much said too that id like to start from the begining this way hopefully dont pick up as many old bad habits, i didnt realise how unfit i was after my first lesson i felt like i ran a marathon! i started going for walks and each week im feeling much better throughout the lesson . Good luck :)

Miss Magnum
09-10-06, 03:47 AM
Sometimes going back to basics is the best thing in the world for a confidence boost.

My old mare was my first horse, and I rode only her for about 12 years, until she retired (she IS 27 after all), and I found that I was way too complacent on her! I was so used to her every move, and her used to me, that habits, both good and bad creep in.

Since getting Magnum about 17 months ago, I have had to go back to basics (not that my riding was ever any thing but!) And I do empathise about one thing after another getting in the way. He got lost in a state forest for a week, then around Christmas got very sick, then I got sick, etc, etc.

But now we are starting from scratch. And, to make me feel that this is the best move ever, on Thursday, for the very first time, he struck off on the correct leg EVERY TIME, straight away, when asked!!! Not bad for an OTTT.

I must have ridden home feeling about 2 feet taller than normal, and felt like I own the best horse in the whole entire world!!