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10-10-06, 05:23 AM
I recently went to a show where the showjumping was RIGHT on top of the dressage rings. Now i am not exaggerating here at all. The warm up jumps were initially in front of the gate to the dressage arena. not to mention that there was no barrier between the jump arena and the dressage. The little dressage barrier was it. Furthermore the way the course was built you had to get really deep to the barrier to get straight for a double. It didnt worry the showjumpers but i felt really sorry for people trying to do their tests...

I also did unofficial height classes with the young horse and i saw that the judges were not going by the new efa rule that you can have 3 refusals under a certian height (1.2m i think). I was a bit confused by the seemingly ill-informed judge, that and the fact that they were going by this rule in the official jumping rind. I guess they are unoffical height classes, but when the program states that it will be held under EFA rules what else should to expect. In saying all this, she did give up her time to judge so i should be grateful.

11-10-06, 03:07 AM
Hey Jumpa - I hadn't heard about this new rule regarding 3 refusals....can you point me in the direction of finding something on it? I've looked on the EFA web site but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place coz I can't see anything. ta

11-10-06, 03:10 AM
look on the nswjsc website, it should have it there

11-10-06, 04:14 AM
aahhh, that explains it .....it's a trial of a new rule in NSW only.