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13-10-06, 04:19 AM
For those who are interested - Sunday 28th January at Hawkesbury Showground - open to all registered coloured horses - Palominos, Buckskins/Duns, Cremellos/Perlinos, Silvers/Champagnes, Pintos & Paints, Appaloosas & Palouse with special classes for coloureds n.e. 10.2 hh.

$200 for Grand Champion Led of the Show plus other major titles

Please note that there were some omissions in the original programme (Cremellos/Perlinos) so if you would like a copy of these classes please email aussiecoloureds@optusnet.com.au - the amended programme will be online at www.aussiecoloureds.com in the next couple of days.

Also note - PLEASE SEND SSAE with your entry to receive a copy of your timetable!

For Pintos & Paints - classes will be scheduled so that if your horse holds both registrations you can compete in both Paint & Pinto and therefore you do not have to choose - you can do both!

Palouse & Appaloosa classes will be held before the Paint classes commence.

Miniature horse owners - the 2007 National Championships held by the Miniature Horse & Pony Enthusiasts will be held at the same venue on the Saturday so why not stay over to compete in our ne 10.2hh classes on the Sunday??? Two shows in one weekend!

If you are interested in getting your coloured mini horse or pony registered with UPWBDA - get the ball rolling now! You can also then compete in the UPWBDA member classes, the open coloured classes and the n.e. 10.2hh classes!

For "big" coloured horse owners - again if you are not yet UPWBDA registered and you are interested in doing so - get your paperwork going! Once registered UPWBDA you can compete in the members' ring AND the Open ring (open ring for members & non-members) - so you get two lots of classes in one day!

A great weekend to be had by all coloured horse and pony owners!

13-10-06, 06:10 AM
Just a further clatification - this is an OPEN show - there are specific "Members only" classes but otherwise you do not have to be an UPWBDA member to compete :)

14-10-06, 03:04 AM
Just letting everyone know that the photos from the Southern Regional Championships are now online on the Horse Photography website