View Full Version : Anyone have a horse with Sacro-Ilia

14-10-06, 01:20 PM
Just wanted to know if anyone has a horse with Sacro-Iliac pain? If so, how was it diagnosed and how is the horse going?

16-10-06, 07:10 AM
Hi Piaffe,

My horse was originally diagnosed with sacro-illiac problems. (John Kohnke's website has some great info on sacro-illiac problems / diagnosis / treatment.... not sure off the top of my head the url but easily found by google.)

However, horse was treated by a massage therapist, osteotherapist, chiro etc. All said there was something wrong in the sacro-illiac region. After their treatments he would appear to show slight improvement for a week or so. However, he never got really well.

After 6 months of no great improvent I then took the vet option and had nerve blocks and x-rays and it turned out he has ringbone in both front coffin joints. Due to it being in both front legs, it was affecting his lower back region.

I might not be providing many answers to your original questions, but speaking from my own experiences.... if it doesn't correct in a timely manner with treatment look for another cause.

16-10-06, 08:23 AM
I've had horses with sacroilliac problems and seen many. If you have any chance of fixing it you need to go to a good equine vet, get the area diagnosed (not always what you think as above poster found out). There is no point going to a chiro, etc etc. until you konw what the problem is, some problems esp sacroilliac problems require physio, some require chiro, some both etc. But you can spend all the money in the world on chiro's etc but without a diagnosis by a vet you could be heading in the totally wrong direction with treatment.

All that said though a lot never recover especially if it is a general issue and not arising from a specific incident and treated very quickly.