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I have just found this


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I had assumed that advertising was not allowed on this forum, but maybe this rule has been overlooked due to the exceptional circumstances re feed this season? If not, please feel free to delete this post Bill :)

Hay also available here: http://www.freewebs.com/carinya_park/qualityhayforsale.htm

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Yeah!!! Well, just so happens the people who are helping horse people and horse people only out, are doing it because of the greediness of dealers and hoarders of hay!!! I take my hat off to them, they are helping a lot of horse people out, selling at cost price, unlike others who appear to be ripping us off at the moment.

Good luck to them, they deserve a medal!!!

31-10-06, 01:00 AM
moody, I don't know that anyone is hoarding hay, except maybe farmers who have stock to try to get through this time, and so they should. The price of hay, in most cases, is dependant upon the cost of growing it. I know one hay grower who's just had to buy in extra water in to try to get at least part of the way through his season, at the cost of $60,000. Water's not cheap, if you can buy it at all. Some growers are more fortunate than others, they may have had some rain at the right time, they may have large water allocations to begin with, it's just dependant upon each growers circumstances.

If anyone's guilty of profiteering from times like this, it's often the middle man (produce stores), maybe that's what you mean by 'dealers'? I only know this because I know what some growers charge the stores for their hay, and then I often hear what they are selling it on for.

31-10-06, 01:57 AM
It might have been advertising if the person selling the hay on the other forum had been asked if she wanted it posted here. :)

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Sorry Bec,I know for a fact that dealers are buying whole crops standing, before they are cut! I also know of one businessman who is stocking up to 1200 large bales, so he can make a heap of money in the winter. He has nothing to do with the Agricultural business at all.
Cereal crops for the main do not have to be watered.

A few weeks ago, cereal hay could be bought for $180 per ton,)or even less) it is now around $380 per ton.
People who don't irrigate are charging exhorbitant prices for last years hay. I don't think $100 per 5 x 4 round bale of last years grass (nutritionally pretty ordinary) hay (complete with barley grass) is a very fair price and I for one won't pay that. This hay is $30 per bale hay at the max in usual circumstances.
The Murray River irrigators have been allocated most of their water, so they don't have to buy water in, BUT, they are selling to the highest bidder, ignoring their regulars, quick quid, thats fine!

Hopefully the cattle people, dairy farmer etc will be okay, they will receive grants to help buy fodder.

I know for a fact that profiteering IS happening.
We recently did the 'trek'from Shepparton to Mildura, through dryland and irrigation land, every enquiry we made along the way, the answer was the same ' all the hay has been sold, mainly to dealers and carters from Melb'. A lot of this hay WAS sold standing.

The people who are offering horse people of Vic. hay at cost price, are not only horse people themselves, but farmers and they also are doing it tough! Failed crops, very little income for this season. I spoke to them about a drought I went through a few years ago when I lived in NSW, where horse people as usual missed out on being able to afford to buy hay or grain of any sort. I had a carter from Vic bring lucerne hay to Wagga and I sold it at landed price, to horse people only! They decided to do the same and there are many people now who are grateful for what they are doing.

There are many horse people in Vic, who are in deep trouble with feed, at least there is someone out there who cares enough to lend a hand to them, WITHOUT profiteering which is usual in this situation.

I and many others, take my hat off to them, they are making NOTHING out of this. Pity there weren't more around like them!!!

I for one, don't knock anybody who is helping our horses stay fed and well!

31-10-06, 02:44 AM
Well moody, that's a new one on me..the 'hoarding' to make a profit down the track. I don't doubt you're right, I just have not been aware of it. I suppose it doesn't matter what tragedy it is, there's always someone who'll step in to capitalize on it. It sounds like, as would be expected, it's those who are doing well already, and obviously have enough $$ to stock up on huge quantities of hay.

It's true that some farmers, in some areas, have been allocated a large percentage of their water entitlement, depending upon which system it comes from. The thing is, because of the dry conditions over winter, many of them have already used most of that water just to get their crops to strike, and to keep them alive up until this point. Where they would usually get 4/5 cuts of the bays, they will be lucky to get one. I can only speak for the hay producer's that I know, and that is where they're at.

31-10-06, 03:31 AM
Another example. Lucerne grower up Northish was offered $10 per bale for a standing crop, by a dealer, baled, taken down South and sold for $25 per bale!!! Those poor people have no choice, they have to buy at that price.

Most of the growers I know are on their 2nd cut now and those I have spoken to are still expecting 4 cuts at least. The price of lucerne here has gone from $6.00 ex farm to around $13.00,(last years leftovers) within 4 weeks, which is roughly the same price as those growers in the areas with nearly a full water allocation. Prices have been forced up by those who are capitalising on the down-southers desperation and fear of what may come!! This growers hay is also being bought by dealers/feed merchants and sold on for $25.00 /bale.

Pasture hay, last years, of which most is not even worth buying, at around $8 to $10/bale. Shaftal can still be bought for as low as $5.00
$10 to $14 for oaten hay (if you can get it of course) Sub hay is going to be through the roof and we personally need well over a 1,000 bales per year (even with pasture) to keep our lot going.
Normally we grow enough oaten to at least get us half way through winter, but not this year

Panic buying, Dealers, profiteers are what has forced the price up to where they are now.
Will be interesting to see what price hay is bringing in winter!
We in this area have been through water allocations similar (or rather lack of) in the past, but never have I seen hay prices so ridiculously high. Horse people pay, always have, always will.
We are very grateful to the people who have enabled us to at least get through for a while anyway, we and many others would have had to sell most of our horses to survive. As most Vics and NSW are in the same boat, horses will be hard to sell, so only one place for them to go in this case.
Horsey people in trouble should not be so proud as to not ask for help if they need it, someone out there will help, I'm sure.

We had two oldies put to sleep last week, still reeling over the decision, but I feel better knowing they are not going to suffer.

31-10-06, 07:19 AM
Hi all,

I have been asked to post this by the 'Good Samaritan' who is helping the desperate horse people of Vic out in these tough times.

"Hi Moody can you please put this on Cyberhorse for me. I am not a member, nor do I wish to be.

I never realised that the generosity of my husband & myself would be called "advertising". I'm sorry if anyone has taken offence to that. I do thank Batty for directing people to Eques. I have been a member of that forum for a long time & I know too that we are not to "advertise" over there. But obviously the moderators have not seen it like that.

Yep and as Moody has stated there are plenty around here that are profiteering. We are quoting $14 - $15 a bale to the same area that the feed merchants are now selling for $25. We have knocked back orders for full loads of small squares of lucerne. Those people will need to pay the full price for freight & a cut for us on the hay. If they are making a profit so will we. We have severley discounted our freight just to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to keep their horses healthy on the least amount of funds

With 2 children at home, many horses, a part-time job, I'm run off my feet with all the emails & phone calls. I don't complain. We have had countless emails of thank-yous. And also a lovely member of Eques' husband has offered to take my husband out fishing on the bay for our generosity. Hubby loves fishing, hope he makes it back home. Another has offerered to take my children while I manage to fit in a ride. Yet another has given us a hand sourcing pasture hay. Everyone is pitching in to see us all get through this rotten drought together.

If those on this forum feel offended by this you won't find an appology from me.



31-10-06, 07:53 AM
Wot tha? I must have missed something. Who's offended? The fact that the thread has not been removed by the admin. would tell me that they don't find it 'offensive' at all?

I only mentioned it as I did not want to step 'out of bounds' by placing further details of another source of hay, and wanted to acknowledge that I was aware that it could be a breach for me to do so.

I think you've got the wrong end of the stick. Don't stress :)

31-10-06, 08:42 AM
There was just no need to say it Bek, it was a generous gesture by someone under the circumstances - if it wasn't allowed it would have been removed anyway.

31-10-06, 08:58 AM
Do you not get it?? I mentioned it as I was going to post a contact for hay also...It's not about the other poster..it was about me checking that we were ok to do this. Of course "if it wasn't allowed it would have been removed anyway"...if you read my last post, that's what I said!!

Geez, let it go, no one's having a go at her, including me. Try re reading the thread, without your defenses up eh. The thread definitely warrants removing now..it's got mighty petty.

31-10-06, 09:28 AM
I think we all get the drift, Bek!

31-10-06, 09:35 AM
Hallelujah for that

Beck Star
31-10-06, 01:17 PM
Thanks Batty! Have ordered what I need to keep us going for 6 months.
Yes, to buy lucerne small bales is $15 here, plain oaten and rye hay $10, very good clover and lucerne hay is $15 and good clover $12. This is in Northern Vic. Not too bad yet, but will definatly double shortly! Just will have to stock up on cheap plain hay to supplement the lucerne.

31-10-06, 01:56 PM
I worked out, it will cost us around $7 per small bale for cereal hay, which I thought was quite cheap and $12 for lucerne delivered.
Pretty amazing when you think that it is cheaper for us to buy out of district, delivered, than it is to buy from the locals.

I have just had some conditioned oaten big squares delivered, absolute Godsend and beautiful hay.

01-11-06, 01:06 AM
OK, sorry Bek

01-11-06, 03:58 AM
Good clover/rye hay I was buying has gone from $8.50 a bale to $19.40 in 1 week!
Really crap new season grass hay at $14.00.
It's not looking good.....