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30-11-06, 09:57 AM
Ok as some of you may or may not know, quite some time ago I injured (well damaged whatever you want to call it) my back & have only recovered last year.

I'm really struggling at the moment, If I ride for longer than 1/2 an hour my right leg goes completely numb.. I can't feel anything!
I think I apply too much pressure onto the ball of my foot & it effects my spine somehow I don't know.

But its really frustrating me as Im trying to re-school one of my horses at the moment & she's incredibly sensitive to leg aids, which doesnít help when you can't feel your leg.

anywho, just wanted a whinge because its driving me insane - not being able to ride to the best of my ability.

wish I could cut the bloody thing off! that'll learn it, for making me sad!


30-11-06, 09:59 AM
What happens if you ride without stirrups?

30-11-06, 10:01 AM
Owwwwa, come to Aunty Ritchie

30-11-06, 10:03 AM
I think I would also be doing a lot of flexibilty excercises off of the horse to hopefully strengthen up your weaker side (yoga/pilates). There is not much you can do for nerve damage it is something that MAY come back with time.

I was going to suggest riding without the stirrups too, but would only do that when your horse isnt feeling so fresh.

30-11-06, 10:04 AM
fair point Trav.. well the blood rushes into the 'dead' side of my foot & goes numb.

will give it a go though.

& also because my back is like a ticking time bomb I cant afford to fall off.

T is known to have a few pigrooting fits now & then.

30-11-06, 10:12 AM
I feel your pain Tramp.

Along with other screwy back things, I have a twisted pelvis. I keep getting told I'm sitting crooked in the saddle, which of course I am.

If I ride for too long I get a migraine.

30-11-06, 10:15 AM
Wasn't suggesting it so much as a solution but rather to give you a clue as to what's going on. Would be happy to have a good look at you on your pony; I'm no expert but have a good eye as to what's causing what and how you might be able to remedy it. Have you got any metal in you?

30-11-06, 10:31 AM
Hi Tramp, I can sympathise with you completely, :( I had a bad fall about 3 and a half years ago and now I have a disc protrusion of L4 and L5 in my lower back, I spent years taking anti inflammatory after anti inflammatory and going to the chiropractor time and time again. I didnít ride for over a year and when I did it was only on the safest of horses, then you get the big speech from the Neuro surgeon that you should not ride again because if you have another bad fall you may never walk again. Then they say but I am sorry we canít help you so go live your life on pills and eat your stomach out. :'(
I get the same annoying numbness down my legs witch starts as a bad ach then a burn into the cant feel a dam thing. :-(
I try and hop of my horses every 5 or 10 minutes and have a walk and that seems to help but it is a pain.
I found a really good Bowen therapist and he has helped a lot and I no longer take those dam pills witch is really good when I ride now itís only my toes that go numb. :) No one tells you that anti inflammatory pills make you fat. x(

30-11-06, 10:54 AM
Are you still seeing a physiotherapist and doing ALL exercises suggested?

I do emphatise. Is absolutely shitty when it hurts to ride.
More exercises, different exercises, (more drugs!!NSAIDS) and hang in there.

RH Bobbie
30-11-06, 12:09 PM
AWWWW Poor Trampy!!!
*Gigantic hugs for you*
All I can suggest is do LOTS of strenghtening exercises for your back and legs so that they dont have to work as hard to support you in the saddle.

Atleast you dont get yelled at to "SIT STRAIGHT" every time you have a lesson. My reply now is, "which part do you want straight, my pelvis or my shoulders?" :P Oh the joys of being 'deformed'.

30-11-06, 12:43 PM
RHB you definitely have a sic sensahuma!!!...

30-11-06, 02:15 PM
Sympathy all round. Pain needs a big {{{{{{hug}}}}}}}.

No suggestions unfortunately.

30-11-06, 02:18 PM
Like the others have suggested, maybe increase/start doing some leg strengthening exercises with some light weights to improve it.

Heaps of sympathy coming you way.

Rh - you do make me laugh, I remember i use to have Charlie Chaplin feet when I was riding, worked heaps on that, every lesson the instructor use to pick it up and I use to crack the ##### on the fact that I couldn't turn them in any more if I tried.


30-11-06, 05:50 PM
Macrannoch My Td used to do clinics with a instructor who gets you to stand in the stirrups heaps! at the end of the lessons TD was walking like a penguin lol

30-11-06, 06:08 PM
HiYa Tramp_96,Can't realy help other than to say winge away,at least we'll all listen to you. How about massage? Not the nice relaxing ones, I mean the ones that get right into the problem areas? May be worth a try if nothing else helps. Cheers, Quartergems

01-12-06, 12:18 AM
I have been starting to have some back issues (unknown origin) and have been looking for something to do about other tha just anti-inflammatories so am trying to tee up an appointment with a back pain specialist that gives you a programme of stretches that you just have to follw each day wihtout fail.

Once I know more I can let you know if I thnk it has been worthwhile.

May not be appropriate as your injury will be different, but you never know.

01-12-06, 03:05 AM
Ok I have come to the conclusion it might be my top boots (pretty silly I know)

but I had a look how they are once I've put my right foot into the stirrup & theyre a bit restrictive.
so going to go back to strapping my foot & wearing short boots.

& see how I go.

My cousin went through the same thing & ended up finding ways of getting around it , so I might have to get her to come up & have a look.

I can be a bit slack with the excersises, big reason being my right shoulder is stuffed (as well!) & can't do a hell of allot of stretching with it.

Someone should shoot me now I think!

I will let you know how I go Travers & if the boots help at all.


Suzie Q
01-12-06, 03:16 AM
Awwww poor Tramp. You have my sympathy.

I don't usually ride for half an hour because of my arm. Other than the pilates, I suggest lunging first.

That way your horse is warmed up and working by the time you hop on. You can go straight into riding mode and get the maximum effort from using your arm oops I mean back.

01-12-06, 03:48 AM
What about that thing (sorry not very technically correct) where they asses your body and then teach you what is the best position for you as opposed to the "correct" position... I can't for the life of me remember what it is called but I remember when I was really struggling to recover from an accident and my back was giving me hell it was one of the options suggested.

I can still remember the physio's telling me I shouldn't ride horses, lol, I just told them that it wasn't an option and luckily found a chiro I could compromise with - I wouldn't ride until he told me I could as long as he would get me back on that horse!

01-12-06, 03:54 AM
yep I've been told I'm not allowed to ride! but then they said I wouldnt be able to walk properly .. but I showed them!:P

Suzie, I lunge miss piglet barbie princess before every ride.

only because with the green grass at the moment (im not joking) she is a little rocket waiting to explode!

01-12-06, 05:21 AM
poor tramp-y. how annoying, at least now u have an excuse when things don't go quite right
lots of sympathy for you, there there.

01-12-06, 07:16 AM
That is so true!

01-12-06, 09:16 AM
GREEN GRASS? WHERE? Can I have some?

01-12-06, 09:40 AM
"I think I apply too much pressure onto the ball of my foot & it effects my spine somehow I don't know."

aawww, poor Tramp. Just to make you feel better, when I stretch my back right out (I have bad posture, so need to stretch alot) it makes the big toe on my right foot twitch. My OH thinks its hilarious.


01-12-06, 10:01 AM
well my cuz gave me a kick up the arse (via a phone line) & has given me a few ideas.. so will see how I go tonight!

damn spazzy leg!

02-12-06, 04:42 AM
Ok guys.. I've got an update on my Gammy leg.

I rode in short boots last night (without chaps or gaters)

low & behold my leg remained ok, didnít go numb in the leg, I had to strap my ankle for support which made it a bit uncomfortable feeling.

My next aim is to buy a new pair of short-boots.. my 12year old ones are getting a bit gross.

bit of bad news though, my old girl seems to be unsound especially in a working trot.. so farrier will be up next week to see if we can sort her out (vet looked her over nothing visable)

02-12-06, 05:10 AM
Yah some improvement for you! I hope it only gets better and better for you. Fingers crossed your horse only has a minor problem and the farrier can fix it.

Three cheers for Tramp for making the effort when I have been so lazy! (I am blaming the heat and humidity lol)

Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray! For Tramp's a jolly good fella(dy)! (Can you use this cheer when it isn't someone's birthday? Arghh well it will do lol :P).

~Simone~ I love my furry ones :)

02-12-06, 06:23 AM
HAHAHA! thanks simi!

well it was my B'day last month, so close enough!

(((I've been saying well its still the month after my b'day so I get special treatment - doesnt work!)))