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03-12-06, 06:45 AM
Hi everyone

I agree with Pauper, lets move on. I did find the meet market 'Adult' post amusing at first but now it is a little boring.

I think the best we can do now is ignore that person. So bring on the all the new posts.

And a big welcome to all the newbies :).

*That will teach me to use my OH's computer. I didn't realize I was logged on as him lol. Oh but I love his computer, it is heaps faster and has a big flat screen (drool).




03-12-06, 07:14 AM
Thor..Just curious re the "Last Great Light horse charge'
Was it?I always thought that there were several cavalry charges in WW2 or does Lighthorse mean Aussie only?
Here is one of the later cavalry charges..Polish

03-12-06, 07:14 AM
I definetly agree, we have let this person have their 'fun', and now it's time to get back to more pleasant business.
Simi I will PM you later when I get back from shopping.
Cheers, Vicki

03-12-06, 07:53 AM
Hi Yaears,

This is me writing this not Simone ;)

I intended to mean Light Horse as in Australian only. The term Light Horse usually means mounted infantry (not to be confused with cavalry, as their tactics and weaponry are very different to one another).

This is the case with the Aussie Light Horse, they were not cavalry, they were mounted infantry. They did not carry cavalry sabres (like other cavalry units), but carried only their rifles and bayonets.

Most light horse units would dismount well before the enemy and approach and fight on foot. The reason they charged Beersheeba was that they needed to get under the trajectory of the Turkish guns (which they eventually did, but not without loss of life at the start of the charge.)

The Australian Light Horse charged with their bayonets in hand, which had never been done, and used the bayonets like cavalry sabres (with some success) against the Turkish soldiers. Once the enemy lines were breached, the Australians dismounted and attached their bayonets to their weapons and continued to fight.

Yes there were cavalry charges made in in the 1920s and during WWII. Winston Churchill boasted that he was part of the last great British cavalry charge during WWI, which is not correct.

Today the Australian Army still has units to which are reffered to as cavalry (usually armoured, such as APCs, ASLAVS etc.).

The soldiers of these units wear the same emu feather in their slouch hats as the Light Horse did in WWI.

The Polish cavalry you mentioned and the Polish soldiers were some of the bravest soldiers in the world. During the start of WWII, they did not last long against the German onslaught (because of the sheer mass of German numbers), but they never once retreated, or withdrew. In every case they fought to the last man.

03-12-06, 08:25 AM
Fastest way to escape meet market...


03-12-06, 09:21 AM
An Ode To Adult

We seek adult here
We seek adult there
We seek adult everywhere
Oh where is adult
Thou name strikes a cord with everyone
That reads ththou posts
Thou names good people
That should not be named
Thou needs to be true and confess who thee is
as without a true name thou is
meaningless as t*ts on a bull!

03-12-06, 09:29 AM
LOL Ritchie,
Unfortunatly Adult is still alive and kicking downstairs. How sad.

RH Bobbie
03-12-06, 10:42 AM
To be honest with you.... Id let it go, but I'm still in shock as to the IP match!

03-12-06, 10:46 AM
Hahahaha you crack me up Ritchie!!!!

~Simone~ I love my furry ones :)

03-12-06, 11:03 AM
Yeh it's cool. We tried to get them to come out and play. I think Adult is the only one even on down there any more. Has Danny registered up here yet?

Oh yeh, WHO IS ADULT? Someone matched her, I wanna know too!

03-12-06, 11:26 AM
Yes, I would like to move on also, however, I would still like to know who this person was.


03-12-06, 05:20 PM
I think I just snapped it in meet market.. I'm not having a very good night.

04-12-06, 02:07 AM
Gee's I had given up now I am going to have to have a sticey down stairs again..where my stick..those stairs wreck me knees.

- to change the subject..THOR thanks for that I was not aware of the diff between Lighthorse and Cavalry,I will have to read up more on the Polish horsemen as they sound very interesting and tragic . (son is madly interested in Military History I couldn't ask him as he lives away now)