View Full Version : what type of trimmer?

07-12-06, 05:42 AM
Was just at my old boys beard the other day and thought I really should get myself a new trimmer (not clipper) and I was wondering what type people use around muzzles etc.

Saw an add for a little palm size job for $30 which seems a good idea but was the consensus was (or wasn't)?

07-12-06, 06:50 AM
I have one of those palm jobbies I drag around with me in the show grooming box. They are handy though my horse HATES the noise around his ears. Its a high pitched buzz as against my small Wahl clippers which make a lower tone sound that he doesnt mind at all.

My Wahl ones are those 'tidy up' clippers, not all over body clippers.

My friend still swears by the real old hand shear kind of ones, they get a lot of horses through their stables they have to prep and dont have time to play and desensitise everyone as they may only have them for a couple of weeks before having to show them. They seem to think they are safe and being quiet I guess is good. I would get RSI in my hand from using those things plus I think there is a real knack to getting a good trim out of them.