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Belle Cheval
08-12-06, 04:06 PM
Hi all,

Just after some advice...again. I saved a thoroughbred in November last year who was my work collegues' race horse until he damaged his suspensory quite badly in a race. He was then left untreated and was to go to the knackery until i saw him and took him! I am pleased to say that after much love and attention he has come good and is now beating a well worn track in his paddock...this is my dilemma. The boy (who has just turned 5, 16.1 1/2 and dark bay) is clearly ready to go but I do not have any experience with thoroughbreds, much less a horse off the track. I've never really been into dressage, or serial lunging and really don't have any desire to ever get on the boy's back (it's like he is on red cordial all the time!)

Anyway, he has real presence and I think he would make a nice horse for someone who knows what they are doing and I'm trying to work out the best way to find him a good home. He could stay at my place forever and get fat with the cows but he obviously doesn't want that and he is going to waste, running up and down my paddock fence.

I don't want anything for him and this isn't a feed issue, he can stay with me until the tough times are over I just want to know if I have a hope of finding someone who might want to work with him...I'd love to know what he could do.

Any thoughts?! He is currently located in the Pakenham, Victoria area.

09-12-06, 01:10 AM
Pay the money and send him to a trainer for a few weeks or so for them to ascertain what he is like under saddle. I think it would be very very hard to sell a horse when the buyer has never seen it under saddle- most buyers are not that willing to get on a horse first before anyone else has been on it since its racing days. A horse trainer/reeducator will alleviate this problem.

This all assumes that he is fully sound too- you think that he is, but only work will show this up. The longer you leave it, the harder it will make him to sell- he sounds like a lovely horse and you've taken him this far, so I think it's time you went just that little bit further to help him to find a nice home.