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11-12-06, 04:35 PM
Hey everyone,
Just thought i'd let you all know how the little Mintmeister is going! He is continually improving, no signs of him getting any worse, so all the positive thoughts must be helping! NO staggers, so falling sideways, alot less twitching, he is responding to humans and horses alot better, never stops eating, and even wanders from Tubbys side, and has laid down to sleep in peace (spent first two days fretting and sweating). His eyesight is pretty bad in his right eye, no response from it at all when i waved my hand in front and towards it, but sight in left eye. When he walks, if something happens on his right side he swings his head around to look with his left eye, so I think its pretty bad in his right eye. For the first few days, he would tuck his head into Tubbys belly and 'feel' where tubby would go, and tubby would lead him to water and grazing, now Mint is wandering after humans for feed again, and off on his own. Tubby has done such a good job he deserves a medal! Mint is not sweating at all, more normal, but still very subdued, not his normal boistrous self, which is understandable! He came wandering over for a feed this arvo, one foot in front of the other, sure as anything.. One more Vit B injection left.

Any ideas what I should look into giving him after his needles are done?

A special mention should also go to dear old Donkey who alerted us to Minties condition by waddling through 4 connected paddocks (shes very very old..unkown age cos she's older than most of us!) and stood by the house gate and brayed and brayed until someone went and brought Mintie in for help..And Tubby for his nursing - aren't sensible old horses invaluable! I had one nursing Mint, and one nursing my Tb filly who caught her leg on the fence..I was running out of old sensibles! But theyre priceless..

Thanks to everyone also who gave advice and good wishes, will keep you posted!

11-12-06, 05:28 PM
Wonderful news,thanks for letting us know!Please keep us informed of his progress and continued(fingers crossed) improvement.

12-12-06, 01:21 AM
Poor guy hope he can do even better yet.How poignant the help and comfort his friends Tubby and Donkey are to him.Its not the first time we have heard of donkeys coming and braying to alert their owners about something wrong either..wise old donkey.A friend had one not only bray but shove him up the track till he went and found what was wrong.