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12-12-06, 03:46 AM
Our rescue group has just received the below email:

Hi there

I am contacting as many people as I can in an attempt to find homes for some beautiful horses going to slaughter.

The horses were purchased from a drought area and the owner had died, leaving behind a widow who was left to cope with the farm on her own- and unable to care for the horses due to drought and no experience with horses.

The person who purchased the horses has been agisting the horses in a paddock where they have recovered their weight and reasonable health.

There are 60 horses, many with foals at foot, all are of assorted ages. There are a good amount of young horses, many mares have a foal at foot as well as last years foal with them.

I viewed the horses on Sunday (10th) and was impressed with their soundness and their beauty. Of the 40 odd horses I viewed, only one had lameness in hind rear leg.

There are some exceptional quality horses, mainly of welsh and arabian type. I believe that they would make excellent show hacks, pony club and breeding stock.The main colour is grey, from light to dappled, to steel grey, roans, cremello and a couple of bays. The stallions with their long flowing manes they look like pony-sized andalusians; truly spectacular.

I feel very strongly that these horses are worth saving- it is a terrible waste and a tradedy if these horses go to slaughter.

I spoke to the person who owns the horses; he would rather the horses are rehomed than slaughtered, however the agistment time has run out and there is no option as there is no longer anywhere to keep them.

I have agreed to take eight horses including 4 mares with foal at foot, however this is my maximum capacity. I am calling on everyone in the horse rescue field to ask if they would use their resources to find a way to save these horses.

The horses are being rounded up this morning and will be put on the truck to the abbotoirs today. They will be arriving at the abbotoirs approx midday where they will be held. I spoke to the agent and he says they will not be 'processed' at the abbotoirs today, however they are booked for this week.

If you have any way of agisting or taking on at least a family group- from 3 to 8 horses...please contact me via the details below.

This is their final hour- please help!

Bianca Lyne
The Guyra Argus
02 6779 1730
personal mobile

I have just spoken to Bianca, and she is going to try to buy them some time, and attempt to have them all trucked to her partners property for a few days, to give us time to try to find them homes. She thinks that the owner will be agreeable to this, as apparently he would much prefer not to have to send them all to the knackery.

Many of the mares are in foal, and have a foal at foot. The town they are in is between Armidale and Glenn Innes, NSW. Do you know anyone remotely close to this area who could possibly help....even ONE of these horses?



12-12-06, 03:57 AM
Ok...just heard from Bianca again. She has spoken to the owner and said that she'd like to opportunity to try to home these horses. He's agreed to leave them in their paddock for one more week if she pays the agistment, which she's happy to do.

She is going to go out and get pictures of individuals, and family groups, to enable people to chose a horse/s. When they have got them into the holding yards she will also be able to give out information re their ages etc.

12-12-06, 04:18 AM
I would be interested; will follow this post. Will the information be put up on cyberhorse or somewhere else?

12-12-06, 04:24 AM
I have just sent this page to a friend that has just bought 60 acres near Armidale and I would say could take on some of these horses hopefuly.
I will try and get there new phone number and contact them via phone as well, as I no they are very busy and will probably not check emails today.
The only thing with them is they will not be able to pick up as they wouldnt have the transport and I am not sure if they no many people as yet, so may need advice on who will transport in the area.

12-12-06, 04:25 AM

I am unfortunately too far away to be of much help. I just had a suggestion for people that want to help. For those that live the surrounding areas of where these horses live, could you print this out and put it up their local riding clubs/produces/tack shops.

For anyone who just wants to help, could you cut and paste the message onto any other horses forums you are on. It doesn't have to be a forum that relates to that area. Word of mouth is a good thing and someone may pass this information onto people in the area that can help out.

I wish I do more, good luck Bek and to the lady trying to help them out.


12-12-06, 04:27 AM
system...Bianca may be able to help with arranging transpot. There are yards and loading facilities at the paddock , and I THINK that she mentioned that a friend of hers ahs a cattle truck.

12-12-06, 04:29 AM
Please bear in mind that there is a time factor here, and remember to mention that to anyone you know who may be interested.

Bianca says the guy wants $100/$130 a horse. I guess that's what the doggers offered him, I don't know.

I will put a page on my site today, and post any pictures that I get from Bianca there.

12-12-06, 04:52 AM
Thanks Bek I will tell this friend of mine as soon as I here back, I have left messages all over for them. So hopefuly they will contact me ASAP.

12-12-06, 05:07 AM
Good luck with your cause, if anyone will succeed in this venture it will be the cyberhorse people.

I am unfortunately unable to help you out as we have no water or feed at the moment.

12-12-06, 05:18 AM
Thanks annie..yes, a lot of people are in the same position as you are :(

Maybe everyone would be good enough to just spread this as far and wide as they can?

There is now a page here:

where I will post all the info & pics that I get from Bianca.

Thanks guys...I know we can find homes for these lovely horses :)

Feel free to contact Bianca directly.

12-12-06, 05:41 AM
System - can you ring your local doggers and find out how much ponies are going for?????

I reckon it's utter shite that doggers would pay this much.

I reckon this guy is sensing interest and trying to score some cash.

Why the F**K do horses that are going to the knackers suddenly have a price attached??? If they are re-homed - they should be FREE.

Sorry for the rampaging......but I'm cranky, and at work, and feeling bloody useless.

12-12-06, 05:53 AM
I agree Aida, but from what I can gather, the owner bought them from the original owner as they were going down hill fast. He wanted to save them from the doggers. It was only my assumption that the $100 was what the knackery are going to pay. It may be that that's what he paid the woman for them. I don't know. I don't know much at all about them. I have only been asked to help by Bianca, who is a very credible woman, and a knowledgable horse person. She is happy to be contacted directly for details.

12-12-06, 08:48 AM
Wow...slipped straight off the bottom of the page!

THANK YOU to the many people who have called Bianca, and emailed myself. Bianca is getting together a list of the horses, and will try to provide as much info as she can re colours/genders/approx. ages etc. I will let you know when she has it together.

There have been many offers of homes from Victoria, and we are setting about getting some information and quotes re trucking some of these horses down to Victoria to be re homed. When this transport is arranged I will post, to enable anyone from Vic. who would like to take on one or more of these horses to register their offer.

12-12-06, 09:53 AM
Any transport being arranged to Sydney for viewing?

12-12-06, 10:14 AM
If the trucking company comes thru Canberra, I'll take one :)

12-12-06, 10:17 AM
I aplaud your efforts here Bek and Bianca....and I would certainly help if I was anywhere close to NSW or if I had enough room and feed to take on some more horses here...
But I can't help thinking and getting very very angry about those bloody thoughtless fools out there who are indescriminantly letting horses like this breed and breed and breed...in a drought!

Bring on registration of all horses and stop this needless waste of life.

Good luck with your cause girls....I honestly hope you can find homes for these poor critters.

12-12-06, 10:21 AM
Bek, I'll pm you.
Have to say how disappointing that when the guy got them a year ago, he didn't separate mares / stallions, or geld them, or even send stallions to the doggers, so now there are even more foals and pregnant mares that face going to the doggers.
Some people.....

12-12-06, 10:27 AM
If you live in Sydney sunline..you can drive up and collect yourself :)

12-12-06, 10:43 AM
Glen Innes isn't exactly a short trip from Sydney. You will have more success rehoming these horses if you can arrange some sort of transport to people such as SunLine who may be able to help out.

I feel very sad for these horses, it appears their "knight in Shining armour" who bought them a year ago is after a quick buck. I think that paying this guy would maybe only encourage him to go thru this exercise again. But then again, if he had any integrity he would of seperated stallion and mares when he purchased them?

I hope this man agrees to giving even some of these horses away to good homes. After all if he had of seperated them last year there would probably be 15/20 less horses than there is now!

12-12-06, 10:59 AM
I might have missed something, but I don't know where Bianca says that this guy purchased the horses a year ago? He may not have had them long at all, no idea.

Have to say I feel a tad afronted to be told:
"Glen Innes isn't exactly a short trip from Sydney. You will have more success rehoming these horses if you can arrange some sort of transport to people such as SunLine who may be able to help out."

This is not easy either time wise, or logistically for anyone. I will do all I can for these horses, and because I live in Victoria, and have a safe base for them here, I am prepared, along with my rescue group, to bank roll their trip down here. However..we are self funded..ie. this comes out of our own personal family budgets, so arranging trucks to every capital city for people is a bit of an expectation I think. If Glenn Innes is too long a drive for someone who lives in Sydney to make, or they aren't prepared to arrange their own truck, then they are not sincerely wanting to help these horses, and that's fine too.

I've actually had a woman in Melbourne offer to drive her gooseneck to Glenn Innes as a matter of fact.

It's a given that they guy's a prat, however none of us have any control over that. We do have control over the fate of these pregnant mares, and foals though.

12-12-06, 11:02 AM

I live in Inverell, 60km away.

Could i please get a list of your horses?

Any bigger then 15hh bigger build, broken and younger, i could prob take one or two if so... id have top ask parents first tho, theyd prob agree as we are looking at some anyway. tar

Please do asap. i will also put up a message in two local saddleries. but as you said time is of the essance

12-12-06, 11:09 AM
Thanks laurali. Unfortunately this is not about us picking out our ideal horse. I don't think many of them at all are over 15h, and I doubt any are broken, although there are obviously plenty of youngsters. If you read Bianca's message on the web page, she's mentioned that most of them are completely unhandled.

But yes, thank you for putting up notes in the saddleries, that's a great help :)

12-12-06, 11:11 AM
I know many of you CH's are also posters on the 'Eques' forum. Could one of you possibly post this note on that forum also? (I had my access barred yonks ago).

12-12-06, 11:19 AM
Im sorry, but you are sound a little defensive at5 the moment. yes sydney is a huge 8 hour drive from here and i would class that as big. people dont have the time to just drive up and pick up horses and it would be easier to transport. only 300-400 to get them there and im sure the people getting them could pay.

i had to ask those questions as i wont have any use for them as im larger and need a solid horse. the horse would be waisted here and end up in the same soituation if no one else could take it from me. Doesnt mean i dont care, its just i cant pay for something if i cant use it. plus i have no gear to break hem in.

ill put up a notice for you and im sorry i cant help more then that. we are all ion a drought as well remember.

Good luck with the little guys :)

12-12-06, 11:22 AM
I just cut & pasted your post on Eques, Bek. I suggested if they wanted to know more possibly even check this post out.

Cheers and goodluck to the horses.


12-12-06, 11:25 AM
That's fine laurali. Anyone who can help out here is of course welcome to organise the transport for the horses themselves. That's what I suggested to sunline. He/she can book that, and arrange the collection with Bianca. No problem.

Yes, I realise there is a drought on. Thank you.

12-12-06, 11:26 AM
Simi..you're the best :) Thank you.

12-12-06, 01:08 PM
Sorry, twas I that said he got them a year ago.... don't really know why I thought that, must have read the post wrong!
Bianca only says that he had them long enough for them to regain their weight and health. (Why? If they're going to the doggers?)
Still think he should have separated them....

12-12-06, 01:09 PM

12-12-06, 02:02 PM
New pics up now on their page here:

12-12-06, 02:14 PM
Simi...I can't find your post on Eques?

12-12-06, 02:24 PM
Horses needing help (on Eques)

It is there but I have only had one brief message on it. I have bumped it up and will do so again. I don't really post there, just read Eques now and then. I think if some regulars on Eques (also CHers) could bump it up, it would get more attention.



12-12-06, 02:42 PM
Bek, I know from previous posts that you have the horses' welfare at heart in your rescuing. Laurali does have an excellent point though, horses that can't be used are more often than not the ones that become neglected. I realise that you are trying to help and there is a time limit in this case. However in drought, going to the knackers/abattoirs is frequently a kind option, compared to starvation or death from thirst. I have seen this many many times and it will continue this summer in larger numbers as it gets drier. In the emotive rush to save these horses from the knackery, some people may buy them on impulse and discover in a few months that they can't feed / water them. I guess I'm just suggesting that you remind those that are interested that nothing is truly known about these horses' health, trainability, etc and that acquiring one sight unseen might result in a paddock ornament. If people are happy with that, then that's fine. Sorry about the essay.

12-12-06, 03:47 PM
Yes, I totally take your point Nypper, and I know for a fact that you are just as concerned about horse welfare as I am. I have thought about this, and it's a hard one, but I find it particularly hard to stand by while pregnant mares are dogged. I have made the 'hard' and uncomfortable choices at times, out of sensibility and reality, but in the end I made the choice to try to find these particular horses homes.

They are attractive horses, the majority are very young and have their lives ahead of them, and from the information that Bianca gives me, they are all in apparently good health bar one, who is lame. She too is a realistic horse woman, but feels these particular horses really do deserve a chance.

I cannot control what happens to these horses once they are homed, just as I cannot control what has happened to any horse I have ever sold, no matter how careful I am in homing it. I have to hope that people will use their common sense, and I make it clear now that any of these horses that are homed through my rescue group, in Victoria, would be welcomed back if the new owner found themself struggling to care for them appropriately.

Thank you for your thoughts, I know where they are coming from :)

13-12-06, 05:06 AM
how are you going at finding these horses homes? are there any needing help?

13-12-06, 05:50 AM
:) Keep up the good work Bec, I have contacted Bianca re. taking one of these guys...I am the first person to undrstand that some horses being dogged is inevitable, but find it difficult to stand by and watch horses of quality have that fate. Been wanting to save a horse for some time now, but have been waiting for the right one to come along, I think this group of horses defenitely has something to offer.

13-12-06, 07:17 AM
Hi Bec, Just to let you know I still havenít heard from that friend of mine, donít worry I am not giving up yet. :-)

Aida the dogger guy I no wouldnít even take the drive to pick them up unless they were free or he said he would maybe give them $20 a head if they were in good condition due to the fact there is no money in greys "the doggers really donít like them". :-(

I would have to say I do agree with this guy wanting some sort of money for them due to the fact that he bought them in the first place and he has had them agisted and that would all add up.
Yes I agree he should have taken the stallions away from them all, but this is not realy a debate about the person it's all about helping as many horses as we can.

13-12-06, 07:32 AM
Just bumping this up (sorry Bek, didn't see it sooner).
Let's not turn this into a debate. Bianca's post has all the information - please read it and if you think you can help, get in touch. If you can't help directly then just bump the post and help spread the word. Everyone's doing it tough but we still have to try :)

13-12-06, 10:02 AM
Bumpety Bump

14-12-06, 04:05 AM
I second Travers.

lets not debate, or have a go at Bec

You either want to help them, or you don't!

Everyone one wants something for nothing in this world, it makes me sick. x(

How about we all help Bec out by supporting her?.

Its just so tiring that every time she asks for help people seem to create a big arguement or debate!

lets all just have some chocckie & think about the horses.

ok gonna get back in my box now !
:7 - thats a smile for bec.
P.S tried to look at them on ur site but wouldnt let me in! (maybe I'm banned?!)


14-12-06, 04:20 AM
hehe...not banned Tramp, sometimes you just have to try again & you're in. Freewebs like to slip in some compulsory advertising randomly :(

I have been pasting updates from Bianca on the horse's page, but just to let you all know, this looks like one of those sad threads that just could have a very happy ending :)

Bianca has been inundated with offers or homes, halters, feed, etc. She is getting the first 20 horse's to the agistment that has so kindly been donated for her use for this exercise on Saturday. There they will all have Vet checks, and Bianca will be cataloguing the specific details of each horse, to assist her in placing them in the appropriate homes. She is hoping to have an 'open day' on the 22nd, where propsective homes will be interviewed, the first 20 will be available for viewing, and hopefully matches made :) This is an incredible effort on her behalf, considering that she actually has a newspaper to put out simultaneously!

When the first 20 have been homed, she will repeat the exercise with the next, and so on. An incredible outpouring of generousity here, fantastic! Many people are driving from interstate to collect a horse/s, and many arranging carriers to collect horses for them.

The way in which this scenario is playing out is a real credit to the horsey community, I cannot explain how heartening it is :) So THANK YOU to all :) I'm so looking forward to hearing news of these beautiful horses down the track :)

14-12-06, 04:34 AM
Great Stuff Matisse...good on you :)

14-12-06, 04:41 AM
wonderful news.
well done.

14-12-06, 04:45 AM


"The horses have been paid for in full by a generous sponsor that contacted me this morning- and so we have full and complete ownership of the 66 horses and their attached foalies!

I am trying not to cry as I am so overwhelmed with the generosity and response from everyone who has expressed interest and to all the people involved in every way-


We are going out there again asap (hopefully today) to see the horses and maybe get some more pics

It is a fine day to be alive"

Bianca Lyne

:) I second that Bianca!!!!!!!

14-12-06, 05:12 AM
Wow how awesome is that news!!!! What a wonderful person to buy the horses on her behalf.

I look forward to seeing more pictures. They look really pretty types and imagine with a little scrubbing up just what they could look like!

Bummer if only I had won some money on the lotto last week! I could of shouted all CHers interested, a pony each :). Mmmm back to my day dreaming............


14-12-06, 05:21 AM
Thats fantastic to hear !

14-12-06, 05:22 AM
Isn't it the best Simi!!! I'm just stoked.

The sponsor has made a cheque out for $9000 directly to the Pet Food company...that's just how close these horses were.

The arrangement is such that as these horses are homed, the sponsor will be reimbursed. It is a kind of 'loan' they have given in order to secure the horses safety while they are assessed and homed. Just amazing :)

So guys, to all who have contacted Bianca, they are still needing the homes you have offered, they just don't have the threat now of the knackery hanging over their heads as Bianca places them :)

14-12-06, 09:35 AM
Hi Bek I just recieved an email from "Michael" and he seems very pleased with himself. I new he would help out with all the land he has now and the fact that he loves horses so much.
It is great to have a happy ending. :7 :) :7 :)

14-12-06, 10:48 AM
i just want to say well done bek, bianca, and everyone else involved in this cause. i only wish i had some land and a few more dollars to help too.
good to see a happy ending.

14-12-06, 10:49 AM
That's great system, I'm assuming from your post that he has arranged something with Bianca? Well done for thinking of him and passing it on :) Thanks a million :)