View Full Version : Fires in Scamander

13-12-06, 03:40 AM
My mum just rang (mum and dad have house in Scamander, Tassie) to say there has been a big fire down there and about 20 houses burnt down :(
There were 2 little ponies, shetlands, that the girls near them rode along the beach, apparently they died of smoke inhalation.
Power poles and everything burnt down.
My brother was up all night with the fire crew (he's a WIN news camera man) and filmed the only footage that's been shown of the fire.
Mum and dads house is ok so far though!
Will go get paper and read up about it now.

13-12-06, 03:58 AM
I watched the news this morning about the fires in Scamander. It must have been herendous for the town people and fire fighters with reported 120Km winds pushing the fire front their way. Glad that your Mum and Dad are ok.

13-12-06, 06:50 AM
I dont know yet if any people died....was so fast (sudden wind change) that there was only about 15 minutes warning, and people just had to run for it....no time to get those poor ponies I s'pose.