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16-12-06, 07:32 AM
I just want to ask a quick question on boots.
What is used for what etc
I know most of them are for jumping but being stupid me cant work out the rest.

I want to know whats the fluffy fluoro ones for, to me they look useless apart from bad fashion and not to mention freaking out the horse with hot pink boots on. But is there a reason for them?

I kinda know what bell boots are for.
But what are Neoprene sport boots?
Or neoprene's boots?
splint/cushion boots?
Sling boots?
Open boots?
Medicine boots?

I'm so confused lol.

Another questions does your horse have boots on every time you ride or lunge?
Whats the best boot for everyday riding to protect the legs?
Is it nessasary to put puts on your horse if your riding in a arena?

Sorry if it seems silly but just watch people riding and getting confuses on boots!

16-12-06, 07:49 AM
well the crappy fluffy pink boots are useless!

other than maybe for paddock boots.

I use sports medicine boots, or bandages on my horses in the arena & out of the arena.

when lunging they get the full get up with bell boots.. to boot!

only because I'm fearful of them over-reaching.

One of the girls has a tendon problem, so she can't have them on all the time (over heats her legs)

Most sports medicine boots etc are to prevent damage to the horses legs, jarring etc.
for the sort of riding you will be doing.. you will only need them for jumping or if the horse over-reaches.

The horse I'm re-schooling is very forward moving at the moment, & we keep boots on her to absorb some of the impact & pressure she's putting on her legs.

16-12-06, 08:08 AM
lol, now Tramp - the fluffy boots are NOT useless, they are to make your ever so cute pony look even cuter! lol
And don't think you would use them as paddock boots - gosh, imagine getting the dirt out of the fluffy bits! hehehe

Neoprene boots are usually used as 'brush' boots, (in case the horse hits it's leg with its other leg) at least that is what I use them for, and most people I know. I use to use them when out mustering in scrub - stops sticks/rocks and stuff hitting the horses legs as hard.

Bellboots for overreaching as Tramp said, polocrosse and polo? players use them on all four legs usually in case other horses step on them too.

Not sure about sports medicine boots? are they the ones that go down around the fetlock joint? Haven't used them before..

Suzie Q
16-12-06, 08:12 AM
The open boots are for jumping. The front is open, so if they hit an obstacle they feel it, so as they won't hit it next time.