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31-12-06, 02:36 PM
calling all showies again, I need help in deciding which colour browband would suit my pinto mare for pinto led classes. light and dark blue suit her but on ebay there is this really nice black and white one with diamonds... she will be wearing a nice bridle with silver buckles and bit. what do you think?

this is her in a plain browband....


31-12-06, 06:03 PM
I think both the blue and the black and white one would look nice on her... Why not have them both? and then you can alternate which one you use when you get bored with it.. Just make sure your outfit compliments the browband.. So if wearing the navy one.. where some blue too.. if black and white.. where black and white (btu can introduce another colour).

GOod luck

08-01-07, 11:17 AM
Hi Mandy,

Personally I'd go with the black and white as her face is such a solid colour. I've found that on horses with no face markings, a browband with some white helps enhance. Maybe you could get both and try them on to see what suits?

Hope you have a great time showing in hand, I recently took my TB in our first led show, and had a heap of fun and came home with a win in her class and Reserve Champ


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08-01-07, 12:35 PM
This is always hard to do, especially with horses that aren't a solid colour. I'm very luck to have my own browband business so that when i want to change colours i can easily make my own (when i'm not snowed down in orders for everything else) But i can understand that not everyone can afford to buy more than one.

You will need some white on your browband because she has no white. So that means you can use a fair bit of white without washing out. If you are having a metallic in there (silver or gold) you will need to stick with silver as your bridle has silver elements on it.

The other colours you use aren't really a problem to choose as black horses look good in just about anything, as do white ones. It's really down to your outfit and what you have, unless you're lucky enough to buy a new outfit everytime you change colours!

I think i'd probably go for a brighter colour than a darker one eg. Navy as that might not stand out as well off the black horse. Or get one with a bit more white and only a little navy and light blue.

Don't know if that helped you much but feel free to PM me if you want to know anythign more.