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05-01-07, 07:57 AM
I am looking at a 13.1hh 4yo riding pony atm, and was just wondering as to what others have found to be a good quality saddle. The pony will be doing all her newcomer classes this yr, as well as a few open. Was thinking something along the lines of a windsor / ph ?

05-01-07, 09:46 AM
My daughter hacks her ponies in a Ambassador Show Pony. Fits them all well, and the saddle doesnt look too big on the ponies. Lovely saddle, we have found it helps with leg position.

05-01-07, 12:17 PM
Our new pony Juliet (see her on website) has sent me to "Saddle Hell" again...sob...but today I think I have solved the problem. She is part Welsh and a stocky little thing - not one of our 5!!!! Windsors was suitable, nor could any of them be adjusted to suit her ;-(
So I called the best (imho) saddle fitter in Sydney - Tony of Brighton Saddlery who solved our saddle problem for Wish just weeks before she won the Crane. Honestly, I doubt she would have won without Tony's expertise in getting her Windsor to finally fit her properly. He is pretty sure one of his English Icon saddles will do the job, he will take trade-ins and retail on the new one will be just over $2,500 ;-)
I like Windsors - heck I have 5 of 'em and they may suit your finer RP type, demia, but a word of warning - do NOT, whatever you do, have it "adjusted" on the Central Coast! Contact me personally if you need more info about this....

05-01-07, 02:43 PM
Thank you LB, have PMed you. Does anyone have any opinione on a PH pony ? have been hearing mixed reviews and so am interested.

11-01-07, 03:20 PM
We have used a number of different pony saddles for showing. The Ambassador is the most comfortable and suits the ponies. The Icon is also pretty good. Our most versatile over many ponies has been the Bates Esperance although not quite as classy as the other two. All of them have been used in the top shows. We have not owned a PH pony but friends had one and it was fine. I would agree with the earlier comment about Tony from Brighton. He adjusted our Ambassador from a 3 fit to a 5 fit when Horseland was saying that it was not possible to do so.

19-01-07, 04:26 PM
peter hobrobin makes a great pony saddle. Dont like is others but love the pony.

19-01-07, 06:25 PM
have you ever ridden in a ph pony ? have a ph royal and love it, and am wondering if the pony is just as comfy ? Have heard differing reports... PM me if its easier.

Melly Moo
20-01-07, 01:24 AM
I can vouch for the PH Royal on my 13h pony....very comfy saddle and doesn't seem to swamp him too much.

20-01-07, 02:47 PM
Borrowed one for RMS the other week. It fitted like a glove and my daughter loved it. She said it was very soft. Good looking saddle to.