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10-01-07, 04:57 PM
Hi you darling wonderful lot, please help me..... I need to know how on earth to save those fey little characters that rear and jump etc. When I save them, they go to My Pictures etc as a Bitmap, and then when I try and put them into an email or live document, they just go on as an attachment or as a pixelated still image. WHAT am I doing worng for goodness sake? Thanks guys heaps.

10-01-07, 06:01 PM
I'll try to help, but I'm not very computer savy.

Do you mean like this? Or the red thing that runs around at the end of my posts?


I save them to My Pictures & then download them to photobucket. I then post the URL link. I have found if I try to mess with the image (ie to shrink for use as an avatar) I tend to lose the motion of the gif. Therefore this :


ends up as this :


I have no idea how to put them in an email. Sorry

I hope that helps. If you are not sure how to use photobucket I'm sure somebody will bump/re-post Simi's guide to posting picture post.

Suzie Q
11-01-07, 12:44 AM
I also don't know if I will be of any help.

A bitmap is huge. Please do not send a bitmap to someone who is on dial up!

Change photos to .jpg. Change animations to .gif.

I use incredimail. With incredimail you can add the picture as an attachment or you can insert it into the actual email.

11-01-07, 01:06 AM
I'm not to sure, but a bitmap will only be a still. Animations have to be GIFs?

When you save, check that the format is gif in case your computer has bitmap set as default, maybe?

11-01-07, 01:51 AM
Yairs, now that's something I hadn't thought of - I was just spending all my time getting frustrated without being constructive at all! I shall go into my file types and see what I can do in there, cos they do auto save to Bitmap. And no - they're not large files at all, cos they're so one dimensional, but they sure as hell don't move.

I don't use Incredimail for the very reason that I'm country WA, with jaded copper wire dial-up people covering most of my address list. Incredimail slows lots of stuff down when people are on text only receivals, so it's not an option.

Ta masses for your help though.. :) :) :P

Suzie Q
11-01-07, 01:54 AM
If I am sending to people who don't like incredimail I just choose no background and everything is fine.

Good luck

11-01-07, 05:52 AM
Well my question is, & Ive been meaning to ask this for ages, where do we find these little chappys in the 1st place? :D.